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These small products make big impressions.

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Rubik's® Cube 9-Panel Promotional Toy Item# PL-4685
as low as $6.68
Promo Popper Item# PL-3760
as low as $1.61
Plastic Yo-Yo Item# VG2100
as low as $0.96
Balsa Glider Item# 25-1
as low as $0.60
Magic Answer Ball Item# PL-4575
as low as $3.78
Bungee Rocket™ Item# 090201
as low as $2.10
Bendeez® Stick Promotional Toy Item# 010201
as low as $1.34
Light-Up Yo Yo Promotional Toy Item# 010502
as low as $1.55
Wall Walkers Tradeshow Giveaway Item# 080800
as low as $1.37
Lil' Cha Cha Item# 060102
as low as $1.95
Round Promo-Spring Item# PL-0367
as low as $1.15
Football Rocket Item# 090225
as low as $1.81
Mini Basketball & Hoop Set Item# 54H
as low as $6.77
Boogie Bot™ Personalized Toy Item# 081500
as low as $2.88
Promotional Hacky Sack Item# 090385
as low as $0.91
Roomarang® Boomerang Item# 090301
as low as $1.99
Florida Flyer Item# SM-7435
as low as $0.86
Sploosh Ball Item# 090390
as low as $2.99
Jellyfish Yoyo Item# 090362
as low as $2.33
Leatherette Balls Item# PL-0211
as low as $1.44
Laguna Game Set Item# 1450-02
as low as $21.28
Dunes Outdoor Game Set Item# 1450-04
as low as $16.05
Rubik's® 4-Panel Mini Stock Cube Item# PL-4675
as low as $5.68
Arrow Foam Flyer Item# JFFLYERBLU
as low as $2.29
Plastic Piggy Bank Item# 4062
as low as $2.22
Plastic House Shape Bank Item# 4065
as low as $1.93
Foam Flyer Item# JFFLYER
as low as $2.29
Recycled Yo-Yo Item# 44H
as low as $0.92
Egg Cha Cha Item# 060104
as low as $1.71
Bendeez® Handiflex Item# 010550
as low as $1.89
Klixx® 24 Link Promotional Toy Item# 080101
as low as $1.99
Zoomies Miniature Cars Item# 083050
as low as $2.52
Bungee Gliderz Airplane Item# 090101
as low as $3.25
Flying Rocket Item# 090220
as low as $1.55
Fireside 6-in-1 Multi-Game Set Item# 1250-28
as low as $34.73
Mega Hand Clapper Item# SM-7658
as low as $0.96
Etch-a-Sketch Key Chain Item# ES125
as low as $3.66
Kikkerland Spinney Item# K-TY1560
as low as $12.69
Kikkerland Cranky Item# K-TY1580
as low as $12.94
Kikkerland Cosmojetz Item# K-TY1581
as low as $12.94
Large Promotional Cow Bell Item# 56-H
as low as $1.55
Bungee Rocket Item# T-473
as low as $1.73
Kite - Delta Dancer Item# 090030
as low as $2.47
Mini Plastic Piggy Bank Item# 5062
as low as $1.35
Slam-It! Rocket Item# T-474
as low as $1.83
The Drencher Squirt Gun Item# T-896
as low as $2.12
Pearl Galaxy Promo Bouncer Item# LBL-PG11
as low as $2.15
Toss N' Splat Amoeba Ball Item# LGB-AB09
as low as $1.94
Confetti Light Up Ball Item# CONFTBL
as low as $1.89
Yo-Yo  Full Color Item# 80-45100
as low as $1.59
Global Maracas Item# NM675
as low as $1.25
USA Promotional Pinwheel Item# JK-3022
as low as $0.97
5-1/2 Item# JK-3030
as low as $1.78
Carabiner Radio Item# GR8006
as low as $2.97
Golf Ball Promotional Cinch Pack Item# BG154
as low as $2.21
Soccer Ball Promotional Cinch Pack Item# BG153
as low as $2.21
Rubberized Custom Sunglasses Item# 4000
as low as $0.88
Promotional Malibu Neon Sunglasses Item# 6223
as low as $1.77
Two-Tone Malibu Sunglasses Item# 6224
as low as $2.00
Soft Touch Matte Sunglasses Item# 62360
as low as $1.74
There is no substitute for classic promotional toy giveaways. The fun and excitement typically associated with items like these never fades and clients and employees alike are certain to appreciate the sentiment behind such a fun idea. Rather than merely amusing the user, many of our unique toys serve to stimulate brain activity and provide a valuable form of stress relief. The playful tone of any toy will appeal to end users of all ages and will add an engaging element to your brand’s identity. Giveaways need not be restricted to campaigns directed towards youth markets and children anymore either. There is a plethora of ways that these products can be designed to appropriately and professionally convey your brand’s message. And any message imprinted on gifts like these can achieve optimal visibility because of the naturally playful sentiment behind this type of marketing initiative.

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