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Travel Accessories
Everything you need except your passport

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Universal Travel Adapter Item# 1650-90
as low as $14.50
Aero-Snooze (Travel Kit) Item# 6640-01
as low as $3.38
Pocket Dual Vanity Mirror Item# PL-3672
as low as $0.98
Pre-Threaded Sewing Kit Item# PL-0510
as low as $0.95
Squeeze-A-Tube Item# PL-0549
as low as $0.75
Unisex Manicure Set Item# PL-0535
as low as $1.98
Travel Pillow Item# VL2000
as low as $2.89
Marathon Toothbrush Item# TBT200
as low as $0.97
Austin Compact Mirror Item# PBR500
as low as $1.59
Duster Lint Removal Brush Item# TBL500
as low as $0.87
Chase Sewing Kit Item# PCM500
as low as $0.90
Metropolitan Deluxe Travel Wallet Item# 1100-65
as low as $14.50
Volume Adjusting Earbuds Item# 1670-93
as low as $3.86
Mini Luggage Scale Item# 3350-07
as low as $6.09
Travel Sentry Luggage Tag & Lock Item# 3350-17
as low as $8.21
Travel Sentry Luggage Lock Item# 1025-44
as low as $7.25
Document Holder Item# 8400
as low as $9.99
Luggage Strap / Bag Identifier Item# SM-9460
as low as $2.41
PocketPak Flip Top Travel Tissue Box Item# TP013
as low as $1.05
PocketPak Tissue Sleeve Item# TP033
as low as $0.94
PocketPak PillowPak Tissue pack Item# TP015
as low as $1.25
Mini Backpack Item# 304
as low as $3.63
Luggage Spotter Handle Item# VL1100
as low as $1.15
Shoe Shine Item# 7100
as low as $0.61
Neck Wallet/Badge Holder With Cord Item# 305
as low as $1.50
Neoprene Luggage Gripper Item# 300
as low as $1.06
Flexi Book Light Item# 2005
as low as $1.93
Flip Open Book Light Item# 2006
as low as $2.32
Mirror With Led Light Item# 7507
as low as $1.16
Collapsible Promotional Trunk Organizer Item# FA5090
as low as $14.99
Travel Cup with Pill Compartment Item# 40478
as low as $1.77
Auto Adapter Item# SM-3283
as low as $3.38
as low as $3.38
as low as $1.92
as low as $1.05
Travel Logo Blanket Item# 7014
as low as $6.77
Pebble Grain Passport Holder Item# 6448
as low as $2.18
CARRY-ON KIT Item# SM-9488
as low as $2.41
The Staccato Pill Holder Item# K-223
as low as $0.86
Peconic Passport & Luggage Tag Set Item# LG-9060
as low as $19.40
Luggage Scale With Tape Measure Item# 9441
as low as $3.38
USB Car Charger Item# PL-4429
as low as $8.38
PhotoVision Deluxe Purse Hanger Item# PVDPH
as low as $4.98
Travalo Pure Fragrance Atomizer Item# TR1100
as low as $7.78
1 oz. Shampoo + Conditioner Item# ZSC10
as low as $1.04
Promotional Pill Holder Item# VL2600
as low as $0.47
Travelpro Digital Luggage Scale Item# 9450-85
as low as $14.31
Euro Travel Wallet with Zipper Item# 6827
as low as $5.99
Journey Document Holder Item# 8410
as low as $9.99
Safe Travels Leather Document Holder Item# 8404
as low as $13.98
Safe Travels Traverse Wallet Item# 8461
as low as $4.99
Express Wheeled Duffel Item# 8920
as low as $39.99
Silicone Earplug Keychain Item# K-228
as low as $1.14
Silicone Ear Plugs with String Item# K-225
as low as $1.24
DJ Style Head Phones Item# T-436
as low as $8.49
Noise Canceling Headphones Item# T-435
as low as $27.92
Pedova Passport Wallet Item# 3350-52
as low as $6.28
Pedova Travel Wallet Item# 3350-51
as low as $7.73
Legacy Passport Wallet Item# 9830-65
as low as $19.34
Biosense Neck Travel Pillow Item# 70525
as low as $43.32
By-My-Side Travel Bag Item# WM2701
as low as $19.99
Tailored Travel Bag Item# WM2702
as low as $14.99
Biosense Roll Travel Pillow Item# 70520
as low as $32.49
Universal Travel Adapter Item# 2805
as low as $3.86
Round Zippered Coin Pouch Item# 295
as low as $1.21
Golfer's Shoe Caddy Item# 70750
as low as $32.49
Zip and Flip Travel Pillow Item# K-TP1919
as low as $26.19
TravelSmart Passport Wallet Item# 9450-81
as low as $11.60
Quart Size Travel Carrier Item# 1667
as low as $1.15
Voyage Passport Wallet Item# SM-9550
as low as $1.44
Slim n Sleek Waist Pack Item# 4202
as low as $2.90
ID Holder Item# 301
as low as $1.41
Travel Bud Item# KX3114
as low as $15.15

Let our collection of travel accessories take your brand around the world! From international power adapters and passport cases for those venturing outside our national boundaries, to compact mirrors and shoe shine kits to stay looking fresh and professional miles from home, these items can be customized with your company’s name and logo to meet nearly every traveler’s needs. Additionally, showing your employees and customers that you want to help make their lives on the road easier and more comfortable will only add to your brand’s credibility. Kits with eye masks and inflatable neck pillows would make perfect giveaways to help recipients relax while they are in the air. These travel accessories will not only emphasize to your clients and employees how much you care about their comfort, they also provide an opportunity for you to gain brand exposure to a wide audience.

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