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41 Item# 2050-01
as low as $4.83
Deluxe Folding Promotional Umbrella Item# SM-9472
as low as $7.25
46 in. Arc Promotional Umbrella Item# 4140
as low as $8.71
7 Foot Market Umbrella Item# 3406FRP
as low as $80.57
62 Item# 2050-08
as low as $14.50
62 in. Arc Promotional Umbrella Item# 2418MVP
as low as $19.20
The Urban Mini Promotional Umbrella Item# 4207
as low as $15.73
Revolution Folding Promotional Umbrella Item# 2351MM
as low as $7.59
68 Item# 4039
as low as $15.09
The Retro Umbrella Item# 2410AL
as low as $14.44
Davenport Compact Umbrella Item# LF1105
as low as $26.99
42 Item# 2050-12
as low as $18.38
46 Item# 4035
as low as $5.80
Chester Golf Umbrella Item# LF2112
as low as $23.99
ALBION Large Size Folding Umbrella Item# LF2114
as low as $22.99
Made in USA Fashion Umbrella Item# 900
as low as $22.59
The Bentley Promotional Umbrella Item# 754E
as low as $32.26
Gel Handle Auto Umbrella Item# 787
as low as $17.75
Super Flat Mini Item# JS9
as low as $13.31
72 Item# 725I
as low as $19.36
Patio and Cafe Umbrella Item# 720
as low as $104.84
7' Aluminum Market Umbrella Item# 7AMU
as low as $96.78
7' Wood Market Umbrella Item# 7WMU
as low as $79.04
Sabre Umbrella Item# MFL29
as low as $23.99
60 Item# 6050-47
as low as $24.18
Rain or Shine Light Item# MFL12
as low as $13.99
Bubble Item# 909
as low as $8.88
Clamp on Umbrella Item# CU-48
as low as $13.54
Umbrella Plus Item# UP-62
as low as $14.50

Come rain or shine, umbrellas are an excellent product to promote your brand, company, or organization. Invented over four thousand years ago according to evidence in ancient art and artifacts from Egypt, Assyria, Greece and China, they were first designed only to provide shade from the sun. Today, these versatile items can be used to provide shade from the sun, shelter from the rain, and awareness about your company's brand and message! Simply because umbrellas have a universal appeal that translates into great gifts or giveaways for men and women while also functioning like mobile billboards for your organization. This is especially true if your company participates in some sort of outdoor event where you can use these large items, imprinted with your company's name and logo, to shade an entire table of employees or even just a couple customers as they talk at your stand.

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