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Ladies Long Sleeve Easy Care Shirt
Port Authority Ladies Long Sleeve Easy Care Shirt
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Ladies 3/4-Sleeve Easy Care Shirt
Port Authority Ladies 3/4-Sleeve Easy Care Shirt
Item L612
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Ladies Short Sleeve Easy Care  Shirt
Port Authority Ladies Short Sleeve Easy Care Shirt
Item L508
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Ladies Short Sleeve Value Poplin Shirt
Port Authority Ladies Short Sleeve Value Poplin Shirt
Item L633
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Women's Dress Shirts

Women's dress shirts allow companies to keep their employees comfortable and satisfied while also promoting their brand. In the promotional products world, there is no better way to see a higher return on investment than by distributing functional and wearable clothing, such as women's dress shirts. These shirts will help female employees to look professional and polished so that they represent your brand appropriately both inside the office and out. And, since custom women's shirts are well made and can withstand many washes, they will keep your brand looking food for years to come.

A History of Women's Dress Shirts

Women are typically known for dressing with the latest fashion trends and having a lot more clothing options from which to choose when compared to men. However, unlike dresses and skirts, women's dress shirts have not always been dress options that were available to women. In fact dress shirts- typically defined as garments with collars, cuffed sleeves, and buttons down the front- originated as a fashion only for men. For many years after their invention, men wore button down shirts as undergarments. Then, dress shirts became popular apparel for working class men. Eventually, dress shirts evolved into modern fashion for corporate professionals and businessmen used the collars to hold their ties in place, which in turn covered the front buttons. Women's dress shirts evolved around the turn of the 19th century, in part due to French Empress Eugenie, who often wore a red wool shirt. Today, all female professionals can wear custom women's shirts to look both smart and stylish at the office.

Easy Care and Non Iron Women's Dress Shirts

There are many varieties of women's dress shirts from which to choose and- unlike in previous eras- the vast majorities are not made from wool but rather from lightweight, wearable materials such as cotton and polyester. Breathable materials like cotton are great for the multi-tasking professional women; shirts made from these materials create an effortless look and eliminate a lot of the hassle of getting out of the house in the morning. Working mothers, in particular, will appreciate receiving promotional women's apparel made from soil resistant material that is specifically designed to keep them looking fresh all day. In addition, many women's dress shirts are made from wrinkle resistant fabrics so they are easy to care for and do not need to be ironed.

Women's Dress Shirts as Promotional Apparel

Women's dress shirts make great promotional apparel for any brand. Distributing practical promotional women's apparel will keep workers comfortable well also helping them to exude confidence in their classic oxford dress shirts. Women will look and feel great in shirts designed with special contours to fit a female body. In addition, they will promote the imprinted logo to everyone with whom they come into contact while wearing their shirts. As a result, clients and customers will have a positive view of your brand and may even be more likely to do business with your company. So go ahead and display a company logo on women's dress shirts… you will see an instant positive response from onlookers.

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