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Women's ClimaLite® Tour Jersey Short-Sleeve Polo
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Hit the Greens in Style with an Embroidered Women's Polo Shirt

If you are a woman who golfs (or if you know someone who fits that description), you are probably fed up with receiving so-called unisex golf shirts at tournaments and outings; they are big, boxy, and completely unflattering, which is why custom ladies golf shirts are so popular among professional and recreational female golfers. Unlike polos that are designed to be worn by men alone or even by both men and women, custom ladies golf shirts are designed to create a flattering fit on a woman’s body. They are available in a variety of styles and colors and fit any organization’s budget without sacrificing quality. If you expect women to attend your next tournament, outing or other event, making sure to purchase custom ladies golf shirts embroidered with your logo is a great way to impress your female attendees and show them how thoughtful your company can be. Next time they hit the greens, they will be sure to wear the custom ladies golf shirts that you have provided for them, helping to spark conversation and make sure that your brand is talked about both on and off the course.

Celebrate Female Athletes with a Personalized Ladies Polo

Women’s sports are often overshadowed by men’s athletics, and women’s golf is no exception. Women have been playing golf since the sixteenth century when Mary, Queen of Scots first coined the term “caddy,” and have continued to play professionally and for recreational purposes over the last several centuries. However, despite this and despite the fact that the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) has been around since 1950, women’s golf often takes a backseat to men’s golf. The LPGA, which is the oldest ongoing women’s professional sports organization in the United States of America, sponsors a number of tour events in which top female golfers compete, much like the more widely known Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA). However, these professional athletes (as well as their peers who play for fun or business) oftentimes receive men’s apparel instead of custom ladies golf shirts when they participate in events.

Custom Ladies Golf Shirts: More than Just a Promotional Product

Whether your tournament or outing is an LPGA sponsored event or simply a recreational outlet for clients or members of your industry, providing your female participants with custom ladies golf shirts is a great way to acknowledge the value you place on your company’s relationship with that individual. In fact, even company-sponsored events and promotions that occur off the greens, such as picnics and festivals, are an excellent opportunity to utilize custom ladies golf shirts to promote your brand. For instance, at trade shows and networking events when you want your representatives to both look sharp and feel at ease, outfitting your female employees in high quality custom ladies golf shirts can help them make a good impression without sacrificing style and comfort.

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