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Women's Soft Shell Vest
Women's Soft Shell Vest
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A History of Personalized Custom Vests

Today, promotional ladies sweaters and custom vests are popular apparel items that provide an efficient means of gaining brand recognition. However, that has not always been the case. According to some legends, it was King Charles II of England who first popularized vests. Inspired by the king, many men wore vests under their tuxedos during formal events. Although men still wear vests with tuxedos today, vests have evolved significantly and are now commonly worn by both men and women in more informal settings. One of the main differences between fashion vests and vests designed for casual use is that the former often features buttons or snap closure while the latter features a front zipper. A zipper affords the wearer with more flexibility, thereby making the vest a practical outwear piece for any outdoor activities such as hiking or biking.

Personalized Vests and Promotional Ladies Sweaters for All Occasions

The material they are made out of is another major difference between vests worn for formal affairs and those worn as practical apparel items. For example, many custom vests are made from polyester fleece, a material that offers recipients extra warmth in the cold winter months. Although fleece is heavy enough to insulate recipients from any inclement weather, it is also a thin material that won’t add any unwanted bulk when used as a layering piece. As a result, custom vests are ideal items to distribute at sporting events or corporate retreats during cooler months.

Promotional Ladies Sweaters Made from Cotton, Spandex, and Cashmere

While vests are ideal for outdoor activities, promotional ladies sweaters are elegant alternatives when you want to give recipients an apparel item that they can wear to work - or even formal affairs. As opposed to fleece custom vests, you can find promotional ladies sweaters in a wide range of sophisticated materials, including cotton, cotton-spandex blends, and even 100% cashmere. All of the available materials are soft, retain their shape even after a few wears, and look great when embroidered with a company logo.

Promotional Ladies Sweaters for Work and Weekend-Wear

Since promotional ladies sweaters are specifically designed with female recipients in mind, consider distributing these practical items to your female work force. Women will appreciate receiving a flattering sweater- and not just the same old baggy sweatshirt that male employees receive. However, as you can find promotional ladies sweaters with corresponding men’s styles, you can ensure that all of your employees have a cohesive look. Furthermore, wearing promotional ladies sweaters to work is a great way to encourage employees to identify with your company or organization. But don’t stop there. Promotional ladies sweaters also make great holiday gifts for loyal clients. As there are many brand name promotional ladies sweaters available, these promotional apparel items will surely impress even the pickiest of customers. What’s the best part of distributing promotional ladies sweaters made by name brand companies? Recipients will take note of the quality of the product and the thoughtfulness that went into selecting those specific promotional ladies sweaters and be more likely to do business with your organization as a result.

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