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What does Promotional Youth Outerwear Consist of?

When selecting promotional youth outerwear, it is important to consider the fabrics and the qualities used on the outerwear to make them strong and efficient. Nylon and polyester microfibers are the most common fabrics used to make youth, and even adult, outerwear. Together these microfibers are durable and fairly water resistant. Another good thing about blending these fabrics is the resulting qualities. The blend is considered to be high performance, therefore promotional youth apparel can be breathable, wind resistant, water repellent and light weight. Since these fibers are constructed to be very fine, youth outerwear can be made at various thicknesses. If a more durable, heavy duty jacket is needed, the fibers are doubled even tripled to guarantee quality and function. One of the best techniques for waterproofing apparel is applying multiple coatings of a product called, Gore-Tex. A great characteristic about this laminate is its porous nature. When applied to youth outerwear, it makes the product sealed from water, sleet, and rain. The microporous quality, however, still allows moisture and perspiration to leave the body and escape through the microscopic holes.

Why Purchase Promotional Youth Outerwear?

Promotional youth outerwear helps children wear the proper clothing while participating in outdoor activities. Keeping kids dry, warm, and protected under a variety of conditions is difficult; however, with the proper youth outerwear they can be prepared for rain or shine. Layering outerwear is one of the best insulating strategies. It allows for kids to be prepared for fast changing weather conditions, or even tailoring their apparel for a specific activity. Planning to be outside during the cold weather? Layering helps keep the body warm in rough terrain. The first layer should consist of long underwear. The second layer should include tops and pants. It is important to keep both the first and second layer form- fitting to the body. Comfort is necessary, but the fitted apparel allows for the heat to stay with the body instead of escaping through gaping air pockets. The very last layer includes outerwear. The outerwear, especially if skiing, should be water resistant. However, if layering is not a comfortable option, some promotional youth outerwear can insulate and be water resistant all in one piece. This option would diminish the need for an insulating second layer like fleece and a protective water repellent or resistant third layer.

Using Promotional Youth Outerwear as a Marketing Tool

Promotional youth outerwear is an effective tool for exposing a league, team, or individual. Competitive youth athletic teams who are constantly recruiting, and even competing, want to promote players and the team while on the road. Even players and parents who play on travel or national teams want to display their pride and support. Customizing jackets, pullovers, and other youth outerwear is the perfect way to display their pride and involvement with the team. Similarly, kids who are fans or have friends on the team want to share their pride by wearing the teams promotional apparel.

Expose Competitive Teams with Promotional Youth Outerwear

Promotional youth outerwear is also a great exposure tool for athletes looking to be recruited to colleges. When scouts are at major tournaments, they look for identification on teams and individual players. If scouts know the statistics on various teams and players, they can instantly identify both through their promotional apparel. Standing out is very important, so make sure to create the right exposure by customizing a teams promotional youth outerwear.

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