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From downtown Houston's Theater District to the Harris County-owned Astrodome, Houston promotional products have a wide cultural landscape from which to draw inspiration. Did you know, for example, that Texas used to have its own President? Sam Houston, the city's namesake, was elected President of Texas in 1836, following his leadership at the Battle of San Jacinto, which decided Texas's independence from Mexico. On the other end of the spectrum, local products might celebrate Houston native Hillary Duff, the young actress of Lizzie Maguire fame, platinum recording artist, and founder of the clothing line "Stuff by Hillary Duff." So which aspect of this great city will you celebrate?

Houston for the Energy Corridor

Recognized worldwide for its energy industry, Houston's Energy Corridor is ripe with possibilities for the energy sector. Energy companies flocked to an area of the city near Uptown Houston and the Heights after air conditioning became available in the city in 1950, and today trade, transportation and utilities make up 21% of Houston's economy.

Here are some ideas for giveaways for companies located inside the Energy Corridor, as well as ones that may reside in Sugar Land, Baytown, Galveston or Bellaire:
1. Dickies embroidered shirts

2. Flashlights

3. Computer power-saver buttons

4. Light bulb fridge magnets

5. Enron t-shirts

Just kidding about the last one. Although they would make good novelty items. Get to it, Houston Tourism Office. That one was for free.

Houston, We Have a Problem.

Perhaps the favorite source of souvenires for children and grown-ups alike is the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, blast-off site of the 1970 Apollo 13 flight to the moon. It was this flight that spawned the popular meme, "Houston, we have a problem." The Apollo 13 crew was brought safely back to earth only six days after takeoff, due to an electrical explosion that caused a loss of power, failure of both oxygen tanks, loss of cabin heat and a shortage of water. The mission was termed a "successful failure."

Edible Houston

The Space Center has a large NASA gift shop of mementos, including apparel, bags, and, of course, space food. Space food is a favorite Houston promotional product. Remember, if you will, using the ten bucks your parents gave you to buy freeze-dried Neapolitan ice cream from the planetarium gift shop during a school field trip and gumming on the soft, insulation-like material on the bus ride home, enjoying the sensation of it dissolving against the roof of your mouth. Wouldn't you agree that kids and adults alike will count astronaut ice cream among their favorite souvenires?

More on Houston

To learn more about Houston, check out this video from the Houston Film Commission. It will give you more ideas of attractions to see all over Harris County, the Sun Belt, and all of Texas, as well as a feel of city life there. While you're on the YouTube channel, take a look at some of the other videos from the Houston Film Commission, including "Love Math," where the lives of different Houstonites interweave and come together. Do you have your own ideas for items that would work well in Houston? Email us.

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