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Item# 9100-15

Average: 4.5

Milano Deluxe Versa-Folio Product Reviews

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5-Star Rating Excellent Quality and Service
BY: Michelle .
The product met my expectations and the debossing looked great.
Pinnacle Products met my ridiculous need for a quick-turnaround with amazing communication and care. They will receive all of my future business.

5 out of 5

4-Star Rating Binder and Pinnacle Service is GREAT - beware shipping damage!
BY: Frank H.
I've ordered twice for similar products. Service of staff is Excellent, product quality meets expectations. Shipping leaves a bit to be desired. In both cases, tightly packed boxes and resulting damage to product, or gift boxes due to PO handling has been a problem. Can't do anything about the post office, but packing could be altered to protect the product. This is the only thing that would make me select another provider in the future.
4 out of 5

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