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Average: 4.8

Preston Dual Ballpoint Stylus Product Reviews

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5-Star Rating 5-Stars
BY: Leslie .

5 out of 5

5-Star Rating Very cool...
BY: Cheryl .
High quality at a discounted price! Our company loves this product!
5 out of 5

5-Star Rating Fantastic Smartphone Pens!
BY: Mary .
I love these pens and they are one of the best giveaway products I have found. They write nice, the stylus works very well and they have a quality look with our company name and website engraved. Sometimes I have to tell people what the stylus is for and that its not an eraser. They get excited once they learn they can use it with their smartphone or tablet. It's really a toy for them, something they will keep and you will get mileage out of your investment. The customer service I received from Pinnacle is fanastic as well!
5 out of 5

4-Star Rating Nice Looking Pen
BY: Brandon .
This is a nice looking pen but it does have a lightweight plastic feel to it. People also often try to click the stylus end of the pen to pop out instead of twisting.

Again it looks nice and comes in it's own pouch and writes well.

4 out of 5

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