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Sacramento promotional products can be found across the city, from notebooks in Folsom that commemorate the town's Gold Rush history to t-shirts and logo apparel in Davis that are emblazoned with the University of California, Davis logo. The city of Sacramento has a long, interesting history. The seat of Sacramento County started as a small Gold Rush town and developed into to a booming economic center for nearby El Dorado, Placer and Yolo Counties. Today, visitors flock to Old Sacramento to see notable buildings such as the B.F. Hastings Building, which at one time served as the western terminal of the Pony Express and later as the California Supreme Court offices. While Old Sacramento has been designated as a state park and National Historic Landmark District, Downtown Sacramento contains a mixture of historic buildings and modern business. The primary business district in Sacramento County, Downtown Sacramento is also home to many historic government buildings including the California State Capitol building and the house of California Sate Government. Tourists can visit the California State Capitol Museum to learn more about the formation of California's laws, to see historical California artifacts, and shop for souvenires.

Sacramento and Cultural Attractions

After learning about the law-making process and checking out the gift shop at the California State Capitol building, visitors can spend the rest of the afternoon exploring Downtown. First, try one of the lunch places at the nearby Chinatown mall, a small neighborhood in Downtown Sacramento that was once one of the largest Chinatowns in the country. While Chinatown is not as large as it once was, it still contains many restaurants that make use of products such as personalized aprons, promotional glassware and custom napkins. Other Chinatown highlights include the Yee Fow Museum, which is dedicated to celebrating the historical and cultural contributions of the Chinese pioneers that arrived in Sacramento County throughout the 1800s and settled throughout Roseville, Davis, Elmhurst and surrounding neighborhoods. After a few hours in Chinatown, visitors can check out the other cultural attractions located in Downtown Sacramento. Visitors can see a show at the Sacramento Convention Center Complex and shop at the pedestrian mall on K Street.

Sacrament and the University of California, Davis and other Educational Institutions

When visitors finish shopping and are ready to escape from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Sacramento, they can head to nearby Davis, California in Yolo County, about 11 miles west of Sacramento. Davis is known across the country for both its liberal politics and environmentally friendly practices, as well as for the presence of the University of California, Davis. Thus, it should come as no surprise that eco-friendly items such as reusable tote bags and BPA-free bottles are popular amongst the residents of Davis in Yolo County. Bicycle accessories and t-shirts are also popular apparel, as many students in Davis use bikes as their primary mode of transportation to various locales across Yolo County.

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