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A division between Southern California and Northern California has been in existence since seemingly the beginning of time and residents of the Bay Area love to display pride for their city with a variety of San Jose promotional products. While the atmosphere in Southern California often revolves around the presence of Hollywood, residents of the Bay Area take satisfaction in the plethora of big cities nearby- including San Francisco, Oakland, Napa, Santa Rosa and Redwood City to name a few- and their wider ranging climate. San Jose is the third largest city in California in terms of property, yet the most populous city in California. The weather in Santa Clara County varies by season and ranges from approximately 50 degrees in the winter to 100 degrees during the summer months. Residents can prepare for the occasional rain and snow that hits the Bay Area with fleece lined nylon jackets, umbrellas and weather proof products.

San Jose for the Technology Industry

San Jose, California has come a long way from its origins as a small, agricultural community. The shift from agriculture to industry began during World War II, when the United States War Department required Food Machinery Corporation to set up their defense facilities in Santa Clara County. As a result of these facilities, San Jose- as well as nearby Oakland and San Francisco- saw a population boom after the War's end, and population has continued to increase ever since as a result of the great growth in technology. Prominently located in Silicon Valley, the leading technology center of the United States, San Jose and the Bay Area are now home to companies such as eBay, Google, Apple, Inc. and Hewlett-Packard. USB hubs and flash drives make ideal giveaways, as the vast majority of residents are employed in the technology industry.

San Jose and Outdoor Activities

While the Silicon Valley has an undeniably large presence on the climate and culture of the Bay Area, residents and visitors certainly don't spend all of their time cooped up inside working on the latest technological inventions. There are two well-known executive golf courses around the Santa Clara County: the Deep Cliff Golf Course and Coyote Creek Golf Club. Built in 1961, Deep Cliff offers a course, an instruction center and a driving range all set amongst the mountains, trees and wildlife of the Bay Area. More experienced golfers, on the other hand, might enjoy the tougher terrain at Coyote Creek. And, as Oakland, San Francisco and even Redwood City in San Mateo County offer over 51 miles of hiking, biking and running trails, companies should consider customizing products such as athletic apparel and BPA-free bottles.

Wine Accessories and San Jose
Visitors to the Bay Area should certainly drive the 90 miles to spend a day in Napa Valley, where they can tour wineries, taste the locally grown wines, and purchase souvenires. Before making the trip, be sure to check winery openings, as most are closed on Mondays and about half of all wineries in Napa Valley require an appointment. Traveling around the valley is fairly easy and experts suggest navigating Napa and Napa County from the south end to the north. Just don't forget to bring enough money for souvenirs such as wine bottle openers and personalized wine glasses.

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