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St. Louis promotional products have been popular since the city (and surrounding areas of Shaw, Lafayette Square and Old North St. Louis) was first founded in 1764. In fact, people who lived in St. Louis during the early 20th century would have seen many products promoting large events throughout Lafayette Square, Near North Riverfront, Shaw and other parts of Missouri. In 1904, St. Louis was home to both the World's Fair (held in Forest Park) and the Olympic Games, with visitors arriving from well beyond St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Madison County, or any other county in the region. Around this same time period, a large influx of immigrants arrived in The Hill, Old North St. Louis and other parts of Missouri, mainly from Italy and Germany. St. Louis was thus referred to as the Gateway City and a Gateway Arch was built as part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in during the 1960s. Today, the Gateway Arch in Near North Riverfront serves to symbolize St. Louis County and visitors can still find many St. Louis souvenires imprinted with the "Gateway to the West" slogan and image.

St. Louis at the Gateway Arch

In addition to picking up some mementos, tourists can learn a lot about the history of Jefferson County, the St. Louis region and the country as a whole by visiting the Museum of Westward Expansion, located under the Arch not far from the Near North Riverfront neighborhood. The museum houses exhibits about Lewis and Clark while the nearby Historic Old Courthouse teaches visitors about slaves' plight through the trial of Dred and Harriet Scott. Other activities in the St. Louis riverfront neighborhoods include a trip to the top of the Arch, riverboat cruises, and fine dining. Tourists will also find other architecturally significant buildings and parks across the city, including the Citygarden sculpture park, the Missouri Botanical Garden in Shaw, and the Mullanphy Emigrant Home building in Old North St. Louis, all of which offer products such as t-shirts, calendars and magnets. Lastly, tourists should complete their visit to St. Louis with a trip to Forest Park, located near Southhampton and Central West End.

St. Louis Forest Park Attractions

With attractions including the St. Louis Zoo, the McDonnell Planetarium, the St. Louis Art Museum, and The Muny outdoor amphitehatre, it's no surprise that Forest Park offers many souvenires. The park was first dedicated in June of 1876, with St. Louis County residents arriving from Shaw, Old North St. Louis and Southampton to attend the ceremony. Then, in 1904, buildings were erected throughout the park to house exhibits for the World Fair. Although many of the buildings were demolished when the Fair closed, images of the fairgrounds can be seen on mementos. In addition, they laid the foundation for buildings that are still seen today, including the zoo and the art museum. St. Louis Zoological Park, in Forest Park, is one of the country's leading animal conservatories. While admission is free, visitors can give back to the zoological society by purchasing gifts with pictures of the famous Flight Cage and animal imagery.

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