A Creative Spin on the Classics – Part 1

Year after year, there’s a core group of promotional products that continually rank near the top in consumer popularity. Many of them, like the basic, custom t-shirt or a pad of promotional Post-It notes, consistently sell simply because they’re useful & offer a high number of marketing impressions throughout their lifespan. While these products are proven classics, creative variations do exist that can inject a new spin on these time-tested winners. Below are a few of our most popular suggestions.

The basic tee: A compressed t-shirt offers high impact delivery of your brand. Available in hundreds of stock shapes or custom designed, this unique way to package a t-shirt is sure to impress.

The Sticky Notebook: Also available in a variety of stock & custom shapes is the Sticky Notebook. With 25-100 sheets offered per pad, this product is sure to distinguish your brand from standard 3 x 4 notepads.

The Chip Clip: A common staple you’d find in every American kitchen today is the chip clip. A new twist on this now-classic item is the Cut-It Clip™. The Cut-It Clip™ includes a safe cutting blade to make opening chip bags a cinch.

The next time you’re looking for a new spark in your promotional products mix, start by looking for creative spins on the classic products that we all enjoy & use on a regular basis.

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