Americans Try to Evacuate Cairo, Egypt (Rolling Bags in Hand)

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Today, February 1, marks day eight of the protests in Egypt and demonstrators are more determined than ever to remove President Hosni Mubarak from his 30 year reign. The events in Egypt started on January 25, following a similar revolt in Tunisia that forced the country’s leader into exile. Like Tunisia, Egypt’s economy is suffering, with many young, educated citizens unable to find job opportunities and forced to work abroad. In addition to high unemployment rates and a growing population, Egyptians have been living under a “state of emergency” during Mubarak’s 30 year rule, which has severely limited personal rights and political freedom. Mubarak has not yet agreed to step down, but has named others to the government, including Omar Suleiman, who is known as the head of the secret police force. Naming Suleiman as vice president as not gone over well with the Egyptian public, many of whom still continue to gather in Tahrir Square. As United States citizens watch anxiously to see what will happen with Egypt, a U.S. Ally, many of those currently visiting or living in Egypt are packing their rolling bags and trying to return home. The United States sent nine charter flights to Cairo yesterday, and has so far evacuated an estimated 1200 citizens.

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