Another Announcement from Starbucks – New Promotional Disposable Cups

Welcome to this week’s edition of  “Trending Topic Tuesday,” where we share our take on what’s going on in the world and what promotional products would appropriately (or inappropriately) market the subject matter.

Fresh off the announcement of their new corporate logo (essentially dropping the name from the design so the brand can expand beyond its coffee roots) Starbucks has announced another new launch. The ‘Trenta’ cup size is set to debut in the US, rolling out in 14 states today, January 18, and expected to be available in all retail stores by May 3. With a 31-fluid ounce capacity, the Trenta promotional disposable cup provides 7 extra ounces of beverage consumption than Starbucks’ former largest size, the Venti – though currently it will only be available for iced coffee, iced tea and lemonade drinks.

Starbucks claims the new cup comes in response to consumer demands for larger cold beverages. It also likely comes in reaction to competition from fast food chains like McDonald’s who stepped into Starbucks’ market last year with the introduction of frappes and espresso drinks to their menu, one that also happens to include 32-ounce sweet tea drinks.

Maybe there is something to be learned here for promotional marketers in the US. Next time you are planning an event with beverages, go for the extra-large disposable cups.

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