Avoid Sharks- Have Fun in the Sun with Promotional Beach Items

Planning on spending your spring break or family vacation on the coast of Florida? If yes, fun in the sun will be better spent with promotional beach items than boogie boarding and snorkeling.

Yesterday, CBS National News reported that thousands of sharks were spotted swarming just 50 yards off the coast of Boca Raton, Florida. Biologists did confirm that during this seasonal transition from winter to spring, it is normal to see this type of behavior from sharks. The large number of sharks and their proximity to the coast is a typical migratory and feeding pattern. The sharks travel close to shore so they can feed on the bait fish trapped near the coast. However, do not let the sharks migratory patterns halt your vacation plans, your family can still enjoy the beach. Promotional beach items like the promotional dart rocket or the sand and surf fun kit will fill your days in the sun!

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