Beastie Boys Promotional T-shirt

When ASI released an article spotlighting the 15 Most Popular Promotional T-shirts, Number Two on their list was concert t-shirts and I have to agree.

While they wrote about the famous Rolling Stones logo and the Grateful Dead bears, I have to add another one to the list:

Beastie Boys Shirt

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The Beastie Boys released their first album, Licensed to Ill, in 1985.  Though I was way too young to appreciate it at the time, they were one of those groups that everyone respected. Ten years later, when I was a bit older, I saw many Beastie Boys t-shirts grace the halls of my high school.

As you’ve probably heard, founding member Adam Yauch (MCA) passed away this past week. He was 47.  I encourage you, if you have a Beastie Boys t-shirt, to wear it with pride in celebration of this innovative group who have been around for nearly 30 years.

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