Beer, Soda, and now Whisky: the Many Uses for Promotional Koozies

Many people – especially sports fans – will be quick to offer a testament to the wonder of promotional koozies. They’ll keep your beverage of choice at its frosty, optimal drinking temp for hours, allowing you to enjoy your Bud Light, Fanta, or other canned drink at your leisure while you watch the game, play cornhole, or relax on the beach.

Now, in addition to beer, soda, juice, and energy drinks, the thirsty among us can use their promotional koozies to keep new 12-oz. cans of whisky cold as well. While whisky itself isn’t exactly an innovation, putting 12 ounces – eight shots – of it in aluminum packaging sure is.

The concept comes from Panama-based liquor company (named Scottish Spirits, ironically enough) has begun offering what they call scotch in your typical, run-of-the-mill 12-oz. can, much to the dismay of the Scotch Whisky Association, which has promised to investigate the beverage.

Scottish Spirits’ canned whisky is currently only available in South America and the Caribbean, so if you expect to soon find yourself on a tropical beach in one of these locales, make sure you pack your promotional koozies. This is one beverage you’ll want to keep cold (and drink slowly).

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