Brand Your Baby with Angry Birds Logo Apparel

I’ve always wondered why you don’t see more custom Onesies on the market. More often than not, when I see a baby wearing a Onesie, it’s plain white without any witty phrases or designs to suggest that he’s got personality. Luckily, that may change with Swaddle Designs‘ new line of Angry Birds logo apparel, blankets, and other items for infants.

From baby burpies to receiving blankets and, yes, logo apparel like sacks and Onesies, you can now start prepping your baby for the smartphone life before she even cracks her first smile. Swaddle Designs will even throw in a free promotional toy when you spend $50 on Angry Birds merchandise.

Who knows – maybe Angry Birds will be first in a long line of games and applications to inspire custom Onesies and more for little people. What game would you like to see endorse official outfits for infants?

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