Break Out Your Biking Gear!

The Tour de France is one of the oldest and most prestigious bicycle races in the world need for speed undercover download kostenlos vollversion chip. The 96th annual Tour de France began on July 4th and continues through July 26th, covering over 2000 miles of France and its neighboring countries. The 23 day race draws some of the most esteemed cyclists from across the globe, and on-going television coverage allows those of us unable to jetset to Europe for the race to watch it from the comfort of our own homes Watch movies offline.

Whether your customers or employees are aspiring Lance Armstrongs or just cycle to stay in shape, all bikers require the same basic items during their rides apps downloaden lenovo. Promotional products related to cycling can make great “thank you” gifts, holiday presents, or general giveaways. Versatile ideas include water bottles and reflective backpacks, both of which can be enjoyed by non-bikers and bikers alike wie apps herunterladen. Not only are these options practical, but they also increase visibility of your brand and logo around the community.

The “green” movement taking the planet by storm has inspired many people to bike to work rather than drive, as automobiles release large quantities of harmful pollutants into the air herunterladen. Reward environmentally conscious employees with an EarthSmart™ award plaque made from recycled materials herunterladen. This gift recognizes their dedication to sustainable causes in a manner that is consistent with their eco-friendly actions.

Inspire your colleagues and clients to venture out into the fresh air for a bicycle ride toting custom products featuring your company’s logo and message kostenlos navi karten herunterladen!

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