Bring Them to Your Booth with Inexpensive Giveaways

This past Saturday my husband and I had the pleasure of attending the first annual Grayson Blues & Brews festival in Grayson, GA. While the entrance fee was a bit on the steep side, the promise of an afternoon of free-flowing beer tastings, an event t-shirt and other inexpensive giveaways was enough to seal the deal. And with a rather large crowd, the event seemed to be a hit in the growing Gwinnett town.

The afternoon was filled with live music, corn hole, football and food. The event staff kept the custom tasting steins filled and shared their suggestions and knowledge on each individual brew. The icing on the cake of course was the promotional products positioned at each station. From stickers to chopsticks, the giveaways were great. We walked away with shirts, cups, bottle openers, Koozies and more. While the crowd was surely draw to the event by the promise of the 100+ beer options, with cleverly picked inexpensive giveaways, each guest took home long-lasting reminders of their favorite brands, sponsors and the event itself.

Hopefully with all this name recognition, we’ll be attending the 2nd annual Blues & Brews event next September!

Marketing Coordinator

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You really did score an impressive amount of promo products! I think my favorite is that t-shirt… a classic tee with a fun logo. What’s better than that?

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