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Grandma Knows Best!

As my grandmother has always told me, “Never trust a skinny cook!”

I know firsthand after working here at Pinnacle Promotions, there are a few things that never get old. One of those things is selling promotional products that make our lives in the kitchen just a bit easier.

Industry research suggests that promotional products that end up in our kitchens often have a longer shelf life & generate more overall marketing impressions to the consumer than most others. A few favorites that have had staying power in my kitchen include the Supreme Pizza Cut-It. A consistent top seller, this item is great for your favorite frozen pizza or even as a playdough slicer for the little ones. (Don’’t worry. The plastic blade is awesome for cutting pizza, but safe for developing fingers!)

What blog would be complete without mentioning the glory that is ice cream?  How could we possibly survive without the little guys that make ice cream possible?  The Ice Cream Scoop-It keeps your logo in plain sight while making the ice cream easy to scoop out.  It is perfect for birthdays or any company event.

With these functional kitchen utensils, I am sure I have made my grandmother proud and probably hungry.

Account Coordinator

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Who Says Promotional Products Can’t Be Sweet?!

promotional food and drink productOn the outside, today appears just like any other day. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that today is the perfect day to let loose, forget your diet, and indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure. Why? Because today is National Junk Food Day!

Now you may ask, what qualifies a food as “junk food?” Scientifically speaking, junk food is anything that contains little or no nutritional value. Foods that are high in “empty calories,” fats, sugars and sodium are considered junk food. Don’t want to take the time to read the label? It’s safe to say, if Mom wouldn’t let you eat it, it’s probably junk food!

Whether your high-calorie treat of choice includes candy, potato chips, sugary soda, cake or cookies, take a break from your daily dietary routine and indulge a little! Now I’m not saying you should overdo it. In my personal experience, moderation is always best. You don’t want to end up with a nasty stomachache! But if you want an excuse to have that extra scoop of ice cream, just say it’s in the spirit of the day!

Fun and frivolous days like today can be great ways to promote your company. Break your target audience out of the monotony of the daily grind with an unexpected promotion. Distribute imprinted jellybean packets to your employees and customers. Or send a gourmet cookie tower to your best clients. They’ll “eat up” the promotion! And really, who doesn’t enjoy a sweet treat every now and then?

Marketing Coordinator

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Squeeze Your Way to Better Health!

A stress ball is a flexible, pliable toy that is available in many different shapes and sizes and fits comfortably in the palm of a person’s hand. It is squeezed in the hand and manipulated by the fingers, ostensibly to either help relieve emotional or mental stress and muscle tension or to exercise the muscles of the hand. Stress balls can also be used to relieve pain or discomfort that is sometimes present in the hand as a result of performing repetitive movements like typing on a keyboard for long periods.

There are lots of types of stress balls. Many are a closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber. The process for making this type of stress ball is by injecting the liquid components of the foam into a mold. The resulting chemical reaction creates carbon dioxide bubbles as a byproduct, which in turn creates the foam. The end product is a solid form, usually a ball shape with a smooth surface, which is full of tiny air bubbles.

Stress balls, especially those used in physical therapy, can also contain gel of different densities inside a rubber or cloth skin. The inside of stress balls are sometimes made with gel, foam, or some other soft material and then covered with any durable fabric that can endure a high amount of handling. Homemade stress balls can be made from rubber balloons that are filled with cornstarch, flour, or some other safe household filler. Some people even prefer making them from all organic fillers such as organic rice, beans, or grains. However, professionally made stress balls are more durable for every day use as they are normally made with higher quality materials. Some stress balls are even made to emit a pleasing scent like lilac or peppermint when they are handled.

Despite the name, stress balls are not always spherical. Many stress toys are molded in amusing shapes and screen or transfer printed with corporate logos. They are presented to employees and clients as promotional gifts. Stress balls are the third most popular promotional gift in the UK. There are literally hundreds of different shapes to meet any marketing requirements. Stress toys are a staple of cubicles where repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome are common. Because of the many shapes now available, stress balls are generically known as stress relievers, and are a popular corporate promotional product.

Stress balls are usually not safe for small children or animals as they may be torn or punctured and the child or animal may be exposed to very messy or even toxic materials contained inside the balls. However, knowing how stress balls are made can come in handy for craft activities for children over the age of eight and adults who want to have a unique, but useful, stress reliever made from the materials of their choosing. Since they can be made either by hand or by a company who specializes in their manufacture, a wide selection of stress balls can be found to fit almost any person’s taste or personality. Regardless of the shape or size, most find that stress balls are hard to resist handling whenever one is nearby.

So, how does the stress ball help in relieving stress? You experience muscle tension when your hand is turned into a fist, even when there is nothing in your palm. Once you release the grip, muscle tension is also released. Gripping and releasing your hand exercises your muscles and helps you reduce stress. The stress ball gives you something to grip. This helps make the stress relieving exercises more effective. Stress balls are made of either foam or gel and easily squeezable in the palm of your hand and released causing a calm and soothing effect. It helps to refocus you energy and lower your blood pressure, which helps to reduce stress.

Help clients and employees reduce the stress in their everyday lives by giving them custom imprinted stress balls from Pinnacle Promotions!

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Ode to My Favorite Four-Legged Friend

1133211_200From the moment I laid eyes on my family’s dog, Oakley, I knew I had found the love of my life. This little guy has the sweetest personality, and though we had never owned a dog before, every member of my household quickly forged a special bond with him. We have had him for about eighteen months now and he is more a part of the family than ever!
This morning, the mobile groomer came to our house to give him the royal treatment and it occurred to me that my family cannot possibly be the only ones that go ga-ga over our pet. For many people, animals become such an integral part of our lives, and what better way to recognize and revere that relationship than with products geared to your clients’ or employees’ furry friends?

Animal-friendly businesses can offer staff and customers custom imprinted gifts for their creatures to enjoy, like a pet travel bowl (Oakley was fortunate enough to receive one of these as a holiday present!) or a retractable pet leash. Pinnacle also offers a multitude of items related to pets that are meant for use by their owners. For example, this plastic paw letter slitter shaped like a paw is appropriate for anyone, regardless of whether or not they themselves own an animal.

Browse through our promotional pet products and pet-themed paraphernalia that can be personalized to promote your brand!

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Someone’s in the Kitchen!

So a little quick background on my family and me… We LOVE to cook! We have no fear of experimenting with new recipes, new ingredients and new kitchen gadgets!

As some of you may know, my husband and I were married just a little over a month ago. Loads of our gifts are still neatly packed in the boxes and bags that they arrived it. (Not because we don’t like them. It just takes time to get organized!)

Last night, my husband and my brother (who is actually a legitimate and paid cook) decided to cook dinner for the family, and try out a few of our new kitchen supplies. While some of our gifts remain untouched, one gift that quickly became a favorite – maybe even an obsession – in our household is silicone kitchen equipment!

We cannot get enough of silicone kitchen gadgets and gizmos! Heat resistant, flexible, colorful and collapsible, silicone colanders and oven mitts make excellent gifts and impressive giveaways.

So if you’re anything like my family, distribute imprinted silicone gadgets to clients, friends and employees and watch your logo spread around kitchens and homes everywhere! And don’t forget to stock your own cupboard with colorful and practical silicone kitchen equipment.

Marketing Coordinator

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Promotional Products in Our Daily Lives

kyz-what'sinmybagToday, rather than focusing on an unusual event or theme, I’d like to walk you through my ordinary, run-of-the-mill Saturday and all of the ways that products benefited my everyday life. These items can be easily customized to advertise your brand, exposing your customers or employees to your company’s logo or message hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of times a year. Just think: I am only one person… If I managed to incorporate this many normal items into my daily activities, your impact on an entire workforce or client base could be huge!

In the morning, I woke to the incessant buzzing of my alarm clock and rolled out of bed. I stumbled to the bathroom, took my glasses out of their case, and reached for my toothbrush. Armed with minty fresh breath, I decided to start my day, which involved cooking breakfast, going grocery shopping, and hitting the pool before a night out with my friends.

I do not possess outstanding culinary prowess, but I have been trying to master some of the basics- scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and biscuits. Two classic promotional kitchen utensils that I made use of would look great imprinted with your logo: a timer and oven mitt are kitchen staples that should be found in every household.

After chowing down and then cleaning up the mess in my kitchen, I grabbed my car keys and raced out the door. Anybody who knows me personally has seen my unwieldy collection of key chains– from key chain flashlights to carabiners, I have them all. Key chains make a fantastic gift for employees or clients, as we all need our car or house keys on our person at all times.

My first stop was the grocery store, and I had come prepared with a handful of non woven bags. These bags get lots of mileage and serve to promote your company’s environmentally sound business practices to observers.

Next, I dropped off my groceries at home, and took a quick break to refuel before gathering my supplies for the pool. I threw promotional beach items like sunscreen, a beach towel, and a radio into my beach bag and claimed my spot in the sunshine. Any outing to the pool would be incomplete without these products, which makes them ideal options for displaying information about your brand. They can be enjoyed by people of all ages, genders, and interests so can’t help but provide high exposure for your business.

After lounging poolside for much of the afternoon, I reluctantly came inside to prepare for my night out. I took my cell phone out of its holder and called a few friends to meet up for dinner. I made sure to take my camera out of its desktop charging station so I could document our shenanigans to laugh about later!

There is no way I could include every single product that was involved in making my day run smoothly, but that just proves my initial claim to be true: the opportunities are endless for your brand to make a lasting impression through the use of promotional items. What better way to get your company noticed than by making the lives of your employees and customers easier?

Marketing Assistant

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Safety First!

Bad place for a breakdown
Last night my husband, Chris, and I were out at a local restaurant enjoying a low-key weeknight dinner date. We were talking about the week’s events when he started to tell me about how his co-worker’s car had broken down the day before. He, being a pretty serious “car person,” volunteered to meet him to jump-start the car. After scouring his car for a set of jumper cables, he realized that there weren’t any. He set out to the floor of his company’s workshop to find anyone who might have a set of jumper cables. Much to my (and his) surprise, only one person had a road safety kit!

As he started to describe the kit to me, I couldn’t help but smile. It was the Leed’s Highway Companion Gift Set! He couldn’t believe it had jumper cables, a flashlight, tire gauge, blanket – even warning triangles for the road! He LOVED it! I was thrilled that one of the products we sell was able to help my husband and his co-worker.

As the hot summer sun beats down this summer, think about those poor souls who break down in the heat. A complete highway safety set is a great way to show your employees, customers and anyone else in your life, that you care about their wellbeing. Whether you go for the deluxe kit that came in so handy for my husband and his co-worker, a smaller kit with just the necessities or even a safety hammer that can break a windshield, you provide recipients with valuable tools and peace of mind on the road.

The moral I learned from this story? Don’t assume that someone else will have jumper cables if and when you need them. And needless to say, we’ll be purchasing a few of the Highway Companion Sets!

Happy and safe traveling this summer!

Marketing Coordinator

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Here’s to Shakespeare!

book lightOn this day in 1613, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre burned to the ground. It was the most ornate theatre present in London at the time, and was built in 1597-1598. It could hold several thousand people and was a popular venue for civilians to take in Shakespearean plays.

Whether you are reading (or re-reading!) a transcription of one of Shakespeare’s plays or another literary work, avid readers can never possess too many bookmarks. Why not give your customers and employees this handy Bookmark Ruler with Pop Up Sticky Flags? It is always nice to earmark pages with important passages or quotes for future reference, and this way they will see your logo every time they reach for a book. A book light is another practical gift for bookworms who stay up until all hours of the night telling themselves “one more chapter!” By clipping this tiny but bright source of light onto their reading material, they can stay engrossed in their books without disturbing anybody else in the room or area.

Encourage your associates and clients to appreciate literature anytime of the year by providing promotional products to enhance their reading experiences.

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Confessions of a (Self-Diagnosed) Shopaholic


One of my favorite books happens to be “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” I find the main character easy to relate to, as my shopping habits also tend to be a little out of control at times (I can already see my mother reading this post and nodding her head in agreement! Hi Mom!)… I consider myself an expert on the latest fashions, and have quite a few style websites that I check religiously to keep up with what’s hot and trendy.

Now, I have only recently begun working in the promotional products industry, but I have already learned that the world of promotional items is very closely aligned with the latest developments in retail. With major department stores and organic food stores releasing Special Edition tote bags, chic totes have become visible in almost every category of retail shops. For promotional products that will satisfy even the fussiest of fashionistas, check out Pinnacle’s selection of Fashion Totes.

Another craze that has exploded recently is organic cotton, which high-end designers are frequently using to manufacture incredibly soft, lightweight tees and tanks- the better the quality, the higher the price! The women in our office are obsessed with fitted tees, and the variety of available colors does not disappoint. This V-Neck version is another favorite, and will look great imprinted with your company’s logo! Your female employees or customers will want one for every day of the week, so order plenty of extras.

Men, don’t get jealous yet. There are plenty of available options for you that correspond with popular female styles. Organic cotton t-shirts for men provide the same exceptional quality and comfort as the women’s selections, or Pinnacle offers a slightly dressier 100% cotton pique sport shirt that can be customized with your logo or company name.

Don’t overlook the demands of fashion-conscious customers and employees- why give away promotional products in outdated styles when you can spend the same amount to purchase items that trendsetters won’t banish to the back of their closets?

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Travel to the Ends of the Earth (or Just Across the State Line!)


Whether you are traveling by plane, train, ship, or car, every traveler needs to have the right accessories. When I dropped a friend off at the airport a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but notice the trendy array of luggage and garment bags filling the lobby. Summertime, aside from the Winter holidays, makes for some of the highest airport traffic rates- the kids are off school and many parents choose to use vacation days to accommodate family trips or camp orientations. When you combine those traveling for pleasure with the regular pool of corporate workers traveling on business, it can make for chaos in even the most organized of terminals!

Strict airport regulations regarding liquid containers have led to longer lines at security checkpoints- help employees or clients file through airport security lines without unnecessary hassle by giving away custom imprinted TSA Approved Bottle Sets. This way they can abide by new rules AND cut down on time spent waiting in line.

Another handy gift idea for travelers is document holders, which provide easy access to important documents. I for one am prone to losing track of my photo id or passport in oversized purses or backpacks, so I would definitely appreciate a personalized travel pouch!

Tasteful and practical travel accessories simplify travelers’ lives and because of the wide area they are able to cover, your logo can even be admired on the other side of the world!

Marketing Assistant

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