Recycled Promotional Products and Green Initiatives

Promotional EarthSmart Products for Earth Day

There is only one circumstance in which we cannot offer our famous 24-hour Rocketship Service: when the item is out of stock. This is exactly why I am writing about Earth Day more than a month in advance; I do not want anyone to miss out on this great opportunity for functional and unique Eco-friendly promotional EarthSmart products onedrive neu herunterladen!

It seems these days you can get a “green” variation on just about any product imaginable anschreiben vorlage downloaden. Just thinking about some of the items I use on an everyday basis, I jot down notes on a recycled notebook with a biodegradable pen made from corn. When I go to the grocery store, I stash my purchases in a tote made from 100% recycled plastic bottles counter strike source download deutsch kostenlos vollversion. Even when I need a caffeine fix, I sip from a biodegradable Evolve tumbler.

But the “green” trend has evolved much further than the standard popular items your mixtape spotify. In the office, you can feature your loved ones in photo albums made from bamboo and grow a plant at your desk. And if you need to leave your desk for a meeting, just hit the Computer Power Saver Button to effortlessly put your computer to sleep mudrunner kostenlos downloaden. When entertaining guests at home, you can yell at them to put their sweaty drinks on coasters that are 51% recycled . Even while you are traveling the world, you can safely keep your passport and other travel documents in a recycled passport wallet tiergeräusche kostenlos downloaden. Continue reading →

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Green Promotional Products and Ideas: Gifts That Give Back

It’s the Holiday Season and we all need ideas for gifts herunterladen! It is always so hard for me to come up with the PERFECT gift, so I take any help on suggestions I can get. One of my best friends sent me a “Holiday Good Guide” entitled “Doing Good this Holiday” 3ds roms kostenlos downloaden. She works for a sustainable company that strives everyday to be completely “green.” One day they could only use 6 gallons of water for 12 hours herunterladen! I did not realize how much water we use in a day, but believe me it is WAY over 6 gallons. This guide serves to show what we can do for our communities, our environment, and our society herunterladen. I have really enjoyed going through the different suggestions, and would love to share some of the points made in the guide with you!

First, the guide lays out different charities that people can donate to this season javascript herunterladen kostenlos. For example, Nothing but Nets is a campaign to raise awareness and funds to combat malaria a1 formular herunterladen. Just a $10 donation sends a net to people in need and hopefully saves a life! It might be a good idea to donate that $10 in someone’s name. There you go microsoft word 2016 download free full version german! 1 gift down, and it saves a life!

Next, the guide tells us about Eco-Friendly gifts for the Holidays! They suggest giving energy efficient bulbs, natural candles, recycled windshield wine glasses, and eco totes (which you can get from Pinnacle Promotions… where else would you go??) deutschlandfunk post.

Another suggestion they offer is going to your local farmer’s market, or shopping at a community supported agriculture cooperative to receive food from HERE not there latest version of firefox! I LOVE great food, and the fruits, veggies and other goodies from these associations are bound to be fresh, healthy, and yummy. Hmm, I could get this service delivered to my mom and grandmother for Christmas powerpoint designen. Three gifts down, and I feel good about giving these presents!

The last tip in the guides has 10 steps; “10 Ways to Go Green.” Number 10 is to bring your own bag. Pinnacle Promotions has you covered there! Check out our reusable totes in all different colors and sizes. Take your tote with you everywhere: the grocery store, the drug store, the local farmers market, shopping, and the list goes on! What a great way to go GREEN this holiday. This guide has helped me SO much with my Holiday List, and hopefully through my short summary, it will help you, too. It is great to know that I can give presents to my friends and family, and also give back to my community and society! Happy Holidays!

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Pinnacle Promotion’s Paperless Plan

Recycled Promotional Products

Here at Pinnacle, we’re going paperless mit cyberghost herunterladen! Like many offices throughout the world, paperwork is often printed, filed away and forgotten about for weeks at a time. To avoid this situation and do our part to save trees, Pinnacle is enacting eco-friendly initiatives, such as sending confirmations via e-mail herunterladen.

Whether you work in the promotional products industry or any other industry, you can make your office environment and marketing campaigns more environmentally friendly by following a few simple tips herunterladen. Send e-mail blasts, rather than direct mail that often winds up in the trash, to reduce your paper dependence. Or, distribute “green” promotional products as your corporate gift or tradeshow giveaway amazon prime video movies.

Pinnacle offers an entire line of promotional EarthSmart™ products made from natural, organic or recycled material that have a positive impact on the environment wie kann man streamsen. Since Pinnacle donates 1% of all sales from this line to 1% for the Planet, a network of more than 1,700 not-for-profit environmental organizations worldwide, you will be making a difference with every purchase herunterladen. So if you’re looking for promotional giveaways that employees, clients, and the environment will appreciate, be sure to customize one of EarthSmart™ products with your company name and logo phil collins kostenlos downloaden.

We love EarthSmart™ products so much, the marketing department even dressed up as them for Halloween (see picture above).

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Promotional Products and Proposition 65

We all know California tends to be a bit on the progressive side compared to the rest of our nation – having been the first state to legalize gay marriage, the first to ban the distribution of plastic bags, and, perhaps a bit lesser known, the first to initiate a law requiring businesses to include warning labels on all products containing hazardous chemicals (a list of more than 700), as well as prohibit companies from discharging these substances into drinking water sources herunterladen. This law, commonly termed Proposition 65, and formally titled the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, came about from growing public dissatisfaction in the 1980s regarding what they perceived as a lack of effort on the part of the state government to protect its citizens from exposure to certain toxics, in particular from those companies who knowingly produced products that included an unsafe amount of these chemicals herunterladen.

While the Act has good intentions, seeking to protect consumers, it is important to note the use of many of the chemicals that it deems are hazardous to our health is not prohibited by national government agencies including the FDA re-certificate file. Additionally, though it cited that the chemicals listed are those that are “known to the state to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity,” in reality, many of those listed only have the potential to pose these risks under certain circumstances and based upon certain interpretations of scientific data on good days. An example of this is one prominent case that occurred in 2006 when California Attorney General Bill Lockyer and Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo sued Atlanta-based Coca-Cola, alleging it used lead-based paint on bottle labels imported from Mexico tiktok mac. In reality, the lead content present in those bottles was negligible. Dr. F. Jay Murray, a toxicologist and a founding member of the Proposition 65 Science Advisory Board even stated regarding the lead content in the Coca-Cola bottles, “In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency says you could drink 10 times as much lead in drinking water and be safe kahoot pubquiz. Many consumers in Los Angeles and around the state actually drink tap water with higher levels of lead than are in these beverages.”

Regardless, the law has made a big impact on business, including within the realms of the promotional products industry, and beyond just within the borders of the State of California herunterladen. Companies throughout the country that manufacture promotional products are either being met with high costs of reformulating products or repackaging them to include the proper warning labels, and those that do not contain the proper warning labels have the potential to receive penalties as high as $2,500 per violation per day, or facing serious threats to the future public perception of their company in the midst of media-frenzied lawsuits – hundreds of which, like the Coca-Cola suit, have been brought about by private consumers throughout the past two decades herunterladen einer webseite. Due to a combination of fear of these possible consequences, a lack of monetary funding needed to make the necessary changes to products, and concern that customers outside the state of California who are not aware of the details of Proposition 65 will be led to believe that their products are truly unsafe based upon the warning labels, many promotional products companies have decided to stop distributing their products to California altogether hot app herunterladen.

At Pinnacle Promotions, we offer many custom printed promotional items that are Proposition 65 compliant, such as our promotional BPA-free bottles herunterladen. If you are a company in California, or a company that will be distributing any of your purchases to the state of California, simply let your Account Manager know and they will make sure the products you choose adhere to all Proposition 65 guidelines.

For more information about Proposition 65, and to see the entire list of prohibited chemicals, you can visit the State of California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment website at

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Join the Craze…B.Y.O.B.


Deluxe Non Woven Logo BagThat is Bring Your Own Bag reddit herunterladen! I know what you were thinking… but it’s the Reusable Grocery Bags that are the biggest trend in grocery stores, specialty food shops and convenience stores right now netflix auf windows 7 downloaden. Almost every retailer is now selling their own branded reusable grocery tote at checkout to encourage a “greener” way of living. The negative impact of plastic bags on the environment has been heavily publicized in recent years netflix filme downloaden kosten. The Environmental Protection Agency released a study in 2001 estimating the U.S. plastic bag, sack and wrap consumption is somewhere around 500 billion, and a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year schreibprogramm mac kostenlos downloaden. Of those, millions of these plastic bags end up outside of a landfill in our litter stream. It is hard to ignore and now more than ever, people are encouraged to do their part to minimize the environmental damage caused by plastic bags herunterladen.

I’ve noticed more and more shoppers bringing their own reusable bags to do their weekly grocery shopping and it is becoming embarrassing or shameful to use the store-provided plastic bags microsoft office 2007 kostenlos vollversion deutsch. Not only do you not want to be spotted using a plastic bag, but reusable totes are a great promotional marketing opportunity. Think about it, if you purchase imprinted grocery totes and give them to your customers you not only make a statement about your company’s sustainability initiatives, but you also have provided them with a bag featuring your logo that they will be carrying around the grocery store every week uplay spiel herunterladen. It’s a win win marketing strategy!

For other eco-friendly promotional products, shop our EarthSmart™ line herunterladen.

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