Corporate Stocking Stuffers: Products under $1

Here at Pinnacle Promotions we understand the mounting pressure that starts right on November 1st. Gone are the glory days of October when gift giving is choosing the most brightly packaged candy for easily pleased trick-or-treaters minecraft flucht herunterladen. Now you have to start thinking about the holidays and looking for corporate stocking stuffers can really start to take a toll on your end of the year budget google. Never fear loyal blog readers! Here’s a quick and easy guide to finding lovable stocking stuffers, all at $1 or less.

First and foremost, never underestimate the power of chocolate spotify kostenlos herunterladen android. Seriously. Imagine if you’re stressed how you client, customers, and employees must be feeling and do you know what helps in those terribly stressed moments? Chocolate. The Minature Hershey Singles will put a smile on their face each time they unwrap one, take notice of your logo, and enjoy a few seconds of chocolate melting goodness. This is a simple little gift that’s easy to have fun with, package a few together in a festive plastic bag labeled “emergency holiday stash” and give them out right before the big holidays hit!


In our holiday trends post, we made mention of the rising popularity of the promotional stylus as one of 2012 Promotional Trends. The Stylus with Pocket Clip  fits right into that trend. Available in 4 colors, including a very festive red shade,  it’s sure to be a huge hit.

If your aim is to be there each time your clients raise a celebratory bottle, then I suggest the Moose Bottle Opener. Why a moose instead of a reindeer you ask? Well, not everyone will want to keep a reindeer shaped bottle opener around after the holidays, so this moose shaped one will continue fitting in long after Christmas ornaments have been put away. It’s also available in red and green, so this is all but a sign from the universe (especially if you happen to be a brewery).



Can we take a second to talk about felt? It feels like this fabric went from the kids craft world to the must have material almost overnight! If you want to jump on this fabric trend but for under a dollar, then look to the Felt Key Strap. No longer will your customers have to fiddle with cold key chains while trying vainly to unlock their doors!


Maybe you’d like to give a stocking stuffer that will help out with everyday cellphone woes. The Universal Phone Stand fits the bill perfectly as its soft silicone works on most iPhones and Droids (and even on some cases).

Hopefully this little list has helped alleviate any gift-giving anxiety you might have had. If not, trust me and have a bite of chocolate, take a deep breath, and then give us a call. We’ve got lots more items that will be great stocking stuffers for under a dollar!

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