Custom Water Bottles: For Those Without Boxed Water

I personally never leave home without my custom water bottle. It’s my eco-friendly, every day staple. The 34 oz. bottle helps me get my 8 cups a day and the resilient plastic is great for being tossed onto the floorboard of my car.

While I have my favorite piece of promotional drinkware, many people across the country still rely on bottled water as their portable means of hydration.

Knowing the market for pure, filtered water is ever-growing, Boxed Water Is Better set out to develop a new form of bottled water that exceeded the norm for the bottled water industry – focusing on making the most efficient and environmentally-friendly product possible. The outcome of their labor of love? Boxed drinking water.

Drinking water in a box? Who would of guessed.

For the time being, boxed water is available in a limited number of states. So until Boxed Water Is Better makes it to your city, grab your reusable custom water bottle and fill ‘er up!

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