Don’t Overlook Gift Bags this Holiday Season

Sure, we’ve all heard the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” but do we really listen? Many times, as I peruse the shelves at the library, I will put books down if the image on the front doesn’t intrigue me. Likewise, during the holiday season, I decide which presents to open first by their appearances. If the items are beautifully wrapped with bows or come in sophisticated gift bags stuffed with tissue, you can bet I will gravitate towards them first. Gift bags, and packaging in general, leave a lasting impression on recipients and should be part of a company’s larger marketing plan. Organizations can start thinking about gift bags as soon as they purchase their corporate holiday gifts, and choose the perfect look and size to fit their presents. Some product packaging can even be ironic. Have you ever ran into a situation like this one?

The very tool needed to retrieve this product!

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A word to the wise: do not judge gifts by their packaging at White Elephant Gift Exchanges… At last year’s Pinnacle Gift Exchange, I chose an adorable gift box, only to discover that it contained a bar of men’s foot soap! Lesson learned!

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