During March Madness, Promotional Giveaways Unite a Team without Decreasing Productivity

You might be ready for March Madness, but is your office?


Across the country, many workplaces are already abuzz with gossip about first round games, which began yesterday. Moreover, sources estimate that the United State economy will loose $1.8 billion to wasted productivity throughout the course of this week alone. Rather than working on projects as they should, employees in all industries will spend a portion of their time filling out brackets, vying for a spot in front of an office TV (or streaming highlights of a game online), and chatting with their co-workers about game results and bracket scores.

The upside is that all of this March Madness frenzy leads to increased employee morale, in part because the game day discussions serve as a unifying force. While the NCAA tournament is certainly fun, organizations across the country can distribute promotional giveaways to unite their employees without decreasing productivity. Consider giving wearable promotional giveaways that employees can use to show support for their favorite team – and your company. However, if you just can’t wait until after work hours to talk March Madness, Dilbert creator Scott Adams has a little trick to help you out. Check it out here.

Sarah Fell
Manager – Content

image from npr.org

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