Hot Promotional Products: Sunny Essentials for a Brand that Shines

While soaking up some sun can be rejuvenating, unprotected exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause serious damage – even in the DARK, as this study shows.

In addition to that, having some accessories that are both fun and useful will help your potential customers stay cool while they’re having fun in the sun, all while you and your business gains some much-needed exposure (brand exposure, that is – not sunlight exposure).

With a promotional upgrade to this selection of items that help beat the heat, your brand can be seen by customers far and wide, and they will make your customers’ day in the sun even brighter.

It doesn’t matter if they are sunbathing on the beach or just going for a leisurely walk in the park, getting your logo custom printed onto a few these sunny essentials will allow you to capture and retain attention in an impactful, yet thoughtful manner.

Econo Visor Cap

There’s nothing more comfortable than wearing a protective, yet trendy cap on a hot, sunny day. This custom visor comes equipped with an adjustable Velcro strap that’s lightweight, and when printed with your logo or company name, this promotional visor easily becomes a subtle (but effective) form of advertisement. This will help you increase brand awareness and, in turn, will make an excellent complementary gift option to distribute to potential customers at trade shows and special events.

According to a 2014 impressions study conducted by PPAI, 42% of U.S. consumers keep promotional hats because they are attractive – second only to outerwear. With this custom visor, looking attractive is certainly not an issue, especially when you have a choice of eight attractive colors. The stronger impression you can make on a customer with a promotional hat, the more likely that person is to keep the product and continue using it.

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Sun Care Kit

Customers can kick back and relax on a warm day with this to-go kit that contains essentials for safe outdoor entertainment – anti-itching cream, bandages, sunscreen, lip balm, and aloe vera. You can get your logo custom printed right onto the front of the convenient plastic case, making it easy for customers to identify your company as a helpful aid in their everyday lives, and one that they will be inspired to recommend to others. This custom care kit also conveniently fits in any bag, and it will quickly become a necessary component of any sunny trip. Imagine your brand at campsites, beaches, parks, and vacation getaways everywhere!

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Retracto Personal Custom Fan

When customers are enjoying an outdoor event, whether it’s a picnic or a baseball game, this personal custom fan will be the ideal way to enjoy a nice blast of cool air without disturbing others. Available in patriotic colors — red, white, and blue — this custom fan also retracts when not in use for easy storage, and it also has a rotating swivel head. Get your logo custom printed onto the base of this custom fan, and you can make building brand awareness a breeze – literally! You will soon be well on your way to having your name seen at stadiums, parks, and well beyond with minimal effort.

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Custom promotional sunny essentials will help your brand shine brightly amongst the horde of competitors, and they’ll give customers a glimpse into your brand personality.

These promotional items can help your customers make the most of their outdoor experience, rather than worrying about over exposure from the sun or the heat. If customers can plainly see the benefits from using your promotional products, they’ll be motivated to share your message with others and will help you build a loyal following.

If you incorporate these unique promotional products into your marketing strategy, your brand forecast is surely clear, cool, and vibrant.


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