How to Turn Your Hoodie into a Laptop Bag

Conceptual Devices shows you how to transform your hooded sweatshirt into a laptop bag in 20 seconds.  It’s pretty amazing and looks easy enough.  Great idea for techie hipsters, college co-eds or anyone caught out on the town without their computer bag herunterladen.

Check out how to transform your hoodie into a computer sleeve here firefox große dateien downloaden.

I must admit I don’t think I’d fully trust my hoodie to hold my MacBook Pro (my baby), but it’s not a bad idea for those in a bind mindmanager gratis herunterladen.  Another unique and eco-friendly way to make your own laptop bag is to use an old pair of jeans.  Everyone has that old pair of jeans that you just don’t want to throw away… they’re nostalgic.  Just reminds you of some great times you had in those jeans. Well, now you can still keep them and use them in a functional way (people might even say you’re ‘green’).  Voila, the Jean Laptop Bag!

Atomic 15 Laptop Bag - Item #: 76650

I personally have an Atomic 15 Laptop Bag and I love it!  I have it in Red with the Sandstone interior.

It is made from exoprene fabric that is very durable and will withstand a small spill (trust me).  It will hold up to a 14″ laptop which is perfect for my 13″ MacBook Pro. With secure handles you can carry this bag comfortably or store it easily inside other larger bags. I carry this bag with me when I travel or when I’m heading to the local coffee shop to take advantage of some free wifi.

So whether you want to make your own laptop bag or just buy one, everyone needs a way to transport their laptop computers.  What kind of bag do you use to carry your laptop?  Would you trust a homemade bag with your precious digital cargo?


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