Inexpensive Giveaways can Help you Save during National Coupon Month

If you’re like me and spent your holiday weekend indulging in fine food and perhaps splurging on a little shopping trip too, you might be relieved to hear that September is National Coupon Month and there are plenty of inexpensive giveaways that can help you save money while promoting your brand as a reliable choice.

My favorite inexpensive giveaway is the List Caddy. At well under $2 per item, this small device clips onto a cart to ensure that shoppers remember their coupons, as well as everything on their grocery lists. In between shopping trips, the list caddy magnetically attaches to a refrigerator so that recipients can easily keep their coupons, pencil – and the imprinted brand- at an arm’s reach.

In addition to clipping coupons, signing up for daily e-mails from sites such as Groupon and Scoutmob that offer discounts and deals is a good way to save at local shops and restaurants.  When making a purchase online, on the other hand, I always check a company’s web sites to see if they offer any Internet specials. I’ve also mentioned that buying bulk is a good way to save money and given tips on other ways to save on everything from groceries to promotional products. Happy savings!

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Love it! That little caddy is such a good idea. My coupons are everywhere and they’re so hard to keep track of at the store.

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