Inexpensive Promotional Products

No company would be successful without a strong marketing team implementing effective advertising and promotional efforts on behalf of the brand. With hundreds of marketing strategies available to you, it can be tough to determine which methods will work best to grow your company.

Though specific techniques, such as direct mail or social media advertising, may work better for some companies than others, using promotional items is an effective and time-tested marketing tactic. Spreading your brand’s name and message is the most fundamental aspect of garnering new leads and customers.  Smart distribution of promotional products can help accomplish this goal.

Why should your business use promotional products?

For decades, companies have used promotional products as a means of getting their brand logo noticed by prospective clients. Using promotional products as a startup is a particularly effective method for introducing your company to your target market by helping them learn and  remember your brand name.

The reason promotional products can be so effective is that they put your logo and what your company represents on useful items that people can interact with daily. When someone sees your company’s name frequently, it is much more likely that they will remember you and hopefully return to you as a customer. Distributing unique and high-quality promotional products can also leave people with a favorable view of your business. Keep in mind when ordering bulk promotional products that you want to give people something useful and not another impractical item that’ll get tossed in the junk drawer!  

Where can you give away promotional products?

Promotional products are extremely versatile in that they can be presented in many different ways. By using promotional items during trade shows, companies can make an impactful impression and stick out in the minds of attendees once the event has ended. Providing people with a physical item that includes your company name can help them associate your brand with your services and goods.

Events of all sizes are great venues for distributing promotional products. Research events related to your industry and try sponsoring or renting a booth at one of these gatherings. If your company is involved with the food or restaurant industry, attending a food festival would be a novel idea. When ordering bulk promotional items for these types of themed events, you may want to branch out from the standard products, like pens or koozies, to provide people with gifts unique to your field such as custom hand sanitizers (for healthcare) or branded car scrapers (for automotive).

Our favorite budget-friendly promotional products

Ordering impactful promotional products doesn’t need to break the bank. By playing it smart, you can easily choose affordable branded items that stay within your budget while maximizing your brand awareness. Check out the following budget-friendly options that are sure to delight recipients:

1. Customized sunglasses

Custom sunglasses are a great item to distribute as promotional products because people typically always need another pair. If you’re giving away products at an outdoor event, sunglasses are useful as some people may want to put their new shades on right away. They’re also a fun accessory to receive and can easily be customized to feature your logo and funky, eye-catching colors.

2. Travel mugs and water bottles

One of the best promotional products you can give is a custom travel mug or water bottle. People use these objects every day, so this will provide your brand with a valuable opportunity to stand out. When your current or prospective clients are on-the-go, mugs or water bottles can serve as great conversation pieces and generate even more business.

3. Totes and travel bags

For trade shows and events, customized totes and custom drawstring backpacks can be used to carry around other items from the event while reminding attendees of your company. Look for a bag made from durable material to ensure that your potential new customers will want to continue using this item for months or even years to come. Custom totes are especially great for promoting environmental consciousness.

Promotional pens

Though one of the most common promotional products on the market, custom pens featuring your company colors and logos are extremely effective. As with many of these other items, pens are something that people use every day, so when they reach for one of your pens, they are sure to remember your company name. Pens are very affordable bulk promotional items, so you can distribute multiple products to one person, increasing your brand awareness even more.

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