It’s National Towel Day

It makes sense that May 25th, the Friday before Memorial Day is National Towel Day. Though summer doesn’t actually begin until June 20th, Memorial Day Weekend signifies the unofficial start with pools opening, barbecues happening and people heading to the beach or lake for the long weekend.

Target Towel

[towel from Target]

There are lots of types of towels out there and I’m sure that National Towel Day celebrates them all. From bath towels, to beach towels, to golf towels. Merchandising Coordinator Heather even wrote about a cooling towel yesterday. (I wish I remembered that when I started writing about towels again, but oh well, too late now!)

While all towels have their place and purpose, for this blog post, I want to talk specifically about beach towels. Here’s the thing about beach towels: they last forever. Okay that’s a slight exaggeration, maybe after years and years of use, they’re not quite as vibrant as they once were, but people tend to keep them around for a long time.

Seriously, I remember when I was about seven or eight. I got this really cool towel with a Teddy Bear on it and he was wearing shoes that said “Bearbox” (this was the 80s, after all). 25 years later and I still have the towel! Beach towels have tremendous staying power. Plus, unlike other items, you don’t really need to have a matching set. People use towels that are functional when they want to lay out at the beach or dry off at the pool. If you provide customers with a beach towel with your logo, chances are they’ll still use it years down the road!

Summer is [unofficially] here; I bet a promotional beach towel will find it’s way into your hands this summer.  Happy Towel Day (and Memorial Day too)!


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