Kim’s Product Pick of the Week: Mechanical Colored Lead Pencil Pack

Oh so cute. Oh so colorful. The Mechanical Colored Lead Pencil Pack comes with brightly colored pencils with matching colored lead!

Maybe I’ve been sheltered. Maybe I do live under a rock. But I’ll admit, I have never seen these before. Mechanical pencils? Yes. Colored pencils? Yes. A mixture? Well, this is a first for me.

I happen to think this pencil pack is the perfect promotional product for school-agers, whether college or grade-level. Yes, you may be having a flashback to my tattoo pen blog post, but bear with me. This fun promotional product is colorful, unique and practical. I always keep a pencil at hand at the office and at home. And as an adult, with no restrictions as to what ink color I write with (on most days at least), I do love to doodle with a purple, pink or teal pen.

Spread a little cheer and back your business with some brightly colored pencils as we dive into Spring. Recipients are sure to love them. And being very affordable, your budget will love them too!

Merchandising Manager

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