Leaving Lasting Impressions with Promotional Carabiners & Keychains

I was discussing holiday gifts with Heather, our Marketing Manager here at Pinnacle, the other day when I had an instant burst of inspiration for this blog topic.

While the particular product I want to focus on may not be as exciting as, let’s say the robot pencil sharpener I featured a few days ago, this particular promotional product left a lasting impact on me. The topic for today? Promotional carabiners.

What’s so exciting about promotional carabiners, you might ask? In my personal opinion, everything about carabiners makes them a great promotional product. Ever since my freshman year in college, I’ve kept a carabiner at all times to securely attach my discount/membership cards and keys in one, easily accessible bunch. The first carabiner I ever received (and the inspiration for this blog) was handed to me while I was heading to class by a rep from a popular wireless company. To this day, however many years later, I still remember the bright blue carabiner with the strategically engraved logo.

Now the product might not have been that exciting that I rushed home to tell my family, but it was so practical, that it earned a constant spot on my person for years until my luck ran out and I actually managed to break it. The constant presence of the carabiner and the uncountable number of expressions its logo received, ingrained the logo into my head.

The best promotions don’t have to be costly to be effective. Distributing promotional carabiners and keychains can be an effective way to build your brand visibility. I would safely say that your promotional is a success if recipients can remember your name years after receiving your promotional product. If this isn’t a good example of promotional marketing, I don’t know what is!

Marketing Coordinator

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