Make Flu Shots Less Painful with Promotional Bandages

img_3463Yesterday was a day that many Pinnacle employees had been dreading for several weeks (including Deidre, pictured here). The occasion can be summed up in a mere seven letters: FLU SHOT. We all knew it was in our best interest to suffer the brief pain associated with the shot; nevertheless, grumbling and complaining pervaded the office during the few hours prior to our scheduled visit from a certified healthcare professional. Several people opted for the painless flu mist, but the majority of staff members walked out of the make-shift flu shot station with that telling symbol of bravery adhering to our arms: a bandage.

As much as I hate shots, I have to admit that I always enjoyed going to the pediatrician and being able to choose my own bandage. Minnie Mouse was a favorite, but the Care Bears were a close second. Bandages, despite their short lifespans, are valuable promotional tools to advertise any brand, even a personal brand, as demonstrated by rap superstar Nelly in 2001 and basketball player Dwyane Wade in February of this year. Why not customize a bandage or bandage dispenser to communicate a unique message? Create a cohesive campaign based on the sentiment that your company can fix any “boo boo.” The originality you can employ when utilizing promotional bandages is unlimited- from font colors and styles, to patterned bandage containers, to catchy taglines, a bandage is an ideal blank canvas to feature your custom content.

While writing this blog post, I began to wonder about the history of designer bandages. As a product of the digital age, my first instinct was to turn to Google for answers. Here a few of the results I stumbled across, and I’ll let you pass your own judgments about whether these examples are fashion forward or just plain weird. What do you think about designer bandages? Leave a comment below with your opinion.

designer_bandaids lvswarovski-aid

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Who would have thought there was such a variety of band-aids available? Thanks for filling us in on all the different types out there Dana.I hope all the Pinnacle employees feel ok after having their flu shots yesterday(and that the band-aids helped!!!) Love the blog too!

Thanks, Deidre; you were so brave getting your shot yesterday and I’m glad that you enjoyed reading my article!

What a cute and creative article! and I love my picture :) A great way to get people to stay healthy and still have fun with their bandages. I’m glad I had my shot and I love the way Dana incorporated bandages into the blog! Dana you’re great and what a great idea!

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