Megan’s BONUS Product Pick of the Week: bobble Filtered Water Bottle

What is sleek, available in fun colors and helps you drink more water? The bobble Filtered Water Bottle monstrum herunterladen!

This ingenious water bottle is as “green” as it is good looking; the bottle itself is made from recycled materials. Each carbon filter takes the place of 300 plastic water bottles die siedler ii kostenlos downloaden. Karim Rashid, a world-renowned innovative artist, designed the bobble.

There is no need to wait for your water to be “cleaned” before drinking.  The water is simply filtered as you sip splatoon kostenlosen. The bottle holds 18.5 ounces, easy to travel with or store in your refrigerator and pour water as needed.  The non-slip band is available in eight fashionable colors and is customizable in a 1-color screen print in black or white.

How amazing to feature your brand with bobble, a retail known company that stands for sustainability and manufactures in the USA.  bobble is a wise ecological alternative to the run of the mill single use water bottles. This item would be a great employee thank you gift or perfect for the healthcare or education industries.

Check out bobble here.


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