Mercedes-Benz Does More Than Just Lend a Hand with Promotional Automotive Items

Promotional products are available in a limitless array of shapes, colors, sizes, and varieties, but Mercedes-Benz is going out on a “limb” with their latest promotional automotive item– literally! Fourteen year old British Formula One fan Matthew James was born without a left hand and reached out to the automaker’s racing division in hopes of securing funds to receive a high-tech prosthetic arm. Mercedes agreed to shell out about $57,000 for the prosthesis, provided that their logo be prominently featured on the device.

Advertisers are always on the hunt for new ways to “wow” consumers, and Mercedes’ gimmick seems to have succeeded in causing a PR frenzy. This campaign was a win-win situation for both Mercedes-Benz and James, as the car manufacturer has been praised for its sponsorship in print and digital publications worldwide and the teenager is overjoyed with his new bionic arm.

Auto manufacturers, dealerships, and mechanics have a wealth of opportunities to engage end users and build brand loyalty via promotional automotive items. From imprinted keychains to steering wheel covers and license plate frames to auto emergency kits, virtually any car-related accessory may be customized with an organization’s name, logo, and/or contact information. Mercedes-Benz took extreme, not to mention costly, measures to impact the life of a single brand ambassador, but even small gestures and inexpensive items can make a lasting impression on prospective and current customers.

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