National Fortune Cookie Day

I love the routine that comes with eating at a Chinese restaurant. I adore the warm tea before my meal, and the fact that I always mispronounce what I’m ordering and am reducing to sheepishly pointing to the menu. I love, in a very embarrassed sort of way, that after all this time I’m still awkward with chopsticks and end up eating with a fork while my friends all coolly stare at me over perfectly raised chopsticks. And I love, love, love (even more than sesame chicken and hot and spicy soup), cracking open my fortune cookie at the end of the meal.

That simple snap always leads to laughter and conversation, and I often slip the little piece of paper into my bag to stumble across later. So imagine my joy to find out that this Friday, July 20th, is National Fortune Cookie Day.

Classic Size Custom Fortune Cookies

It’s also a big holiday within the promotional products industry where fortune cookies have found their own unique niche.  Now the classic cookie been used for special moments like wedding proposals and pregnancy announcements, bringing a little  bit of whimsy to these life changing moments.

Custom Fortune Cookies Individually Wrapped
So take your clients back to the days when they were broke and and a fortune cookie for dessert after dinner from the cheapest Chinese joint within walking distance was akin to mana from heaven; hand them out as wedding favors with futures written inside for your guests to chuckle over. Regardless of the size, fortune, or purpose of your chosen fortune cookie, you’ll be sure to start that same post-dinner conversation we are all so familiar with.

And FYI: if you are looking to surprise your significant other by putting the engagement ring inside the fortune cookie, apparently the trick is to microwave the cookie, which makes it maleable, drop in the ring, and then shape it bag together quickly! Oh the things we learn on the internet.

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