Pinnacle Promotions Adopts a Road!

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Did you know that three out of every four Georgia motorists have witnessed trash being thrown out of a vehicle, but only one out of ten admit to littering from their vehicle? Litter is not only a crime, but it also has negative repercussions for everybody, regardless of whether or not you decide to litter. It consumes millions of taxpayer dollars that would be better spent on other Georgia services, like education or wildlife initiatives, and it pollutes many statewide water sources, simultaneously hurting living creatures inhabiting these environments.

Pinnacle Promotions wants to do our part to combat littering in our area, so we have signed up as a company to “Adopt-a-Road.” We will be maintaining the portion of Jones Mill Road from Peachtree Industrial to Buford Highway in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The “Adopt-a-Road” campaign, sponsored by Gwinnett County Department of Transportation and Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, provides valuable tools and information to citizens who want to help clean up debris in our community. We are proud to add “Adopt-a-Road” to a growing list of sustainable actions being taken by our organization.

If you would like to start a clean-up campaign in your local community, we recommend outfitting your crew in appropriate safety apparel. Find reflective vests and jackets in our Safety Workwear category. We also offer a variety of First Aid Kits in case of minor cuts or scrapes, and Flashlights are always useful for early morning or late night outings to collect trash.

Also, don’t forget about the wide variety of EarthSmart™ products on our website- as members of “1% for the Planet,” we give back one percent of the revenue from sales of these products to environmental non-profit groups!

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