Pinnacle Promotions Holiday Contest!

Do you get our e-mails (if not, sign up over there ——> or on our site.) or like us on Facebook?  If not, you probably don’t know about our first ever Facebook Holiday Contest!  Working at Pinnacle, we get a lot of promotional products to test out.  Seriously, on my desk right now are four water bottles, two pairs of sunglasses, a mug, a highlighter, two different types of cell phone holders and about 75,000 promotional pens. I’ve only been with Pinnacle for nine months, you can imagine how many products people that have been here for years have in their cubes!

Promotional Pens

That was a very long-winded way of saying that we get a lot of products in our hands.  And for our first holiday contest, which is themed Gift Giving in Style, we went out and found seven gifts that were really trendy this year and we want to give your favorite to you. From a lunch box to a Nike track jacket to a stylus pen and more, enter our contest to win your favorite. Happy Holidays!  Can you believe it’s already almost that time?  How is it the middle of October already?  I digress.

We’ll be doing seven rounds of our contest with different products each week so be sure to keep up with us so you can enter each round.

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