Product Pick of the Week: Custom Painted Coconuts

Looking for a unique promotional product that would really surprise recipients? How about a custom painted coconut!*

Did you know that a coconut is the only fruit that can be sent through the postal service without a box? Seriously. You slap enough postage on it and you can pop it right in the mail box.

How fun would it be to open your mailbox to a painted whole coconut? Want the natural look and feel of the coconut but don’t need to mail it? Hollow coconuts and half shells may be the perfect pick for your promotion.

Whichever piece works for you, these beautifully painted coconuts make for thoughtful gifts, intriguing invitations and long-lasting commemorative pieces.

Kim Johnson
Merchandising Manager

(*Note: These guys aren’t on our site, but leave us a comment if you’re interested in more info!)

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