Product Pick of the Week: Happy New Years Postcard with Magnetic Calendar

2012 is mere days away, and the new year presents a slew of new marketing opportunities. Magnetic calendars, in particular, are one of the most cost-efficient and effective products on the market to ensure that your brand maintains top of mind recall among your target audience throughout the year.

The Happy New Years Postcard with Magnetic Calendar is one unique way to send warm wishes to clients, while also securing prime real estate on their bulletin board or fridge (in the break room or even at home!).

According to a study released by ASI in 2010, calendars are the third most commonly owned promotional products among U.S. respondents, up from the seventh spot in 2008. Although the number of calendars distributed was not necessarily higher, the number of calendars kept and subsequently used rose.

Calendars are held for 6.7 months, on average, receiving an average of 295 impressions per month. Also, 39% of calendar recipients stated that their perceptions of the advertiser became significantly or somewhat more favorable after receiving the item.

Postcard mailers are one of the simplest campaigns to execute, and the Happy New Years Postcard with Magnetic Calendar pulls double duty by serving as a magnet and calendar, not to mention a brand-builder!

Note: in addition to the Happy New Years style, our Magnetic Calendars category features a variety of other stock and custom selections.

If you’re looking for something a bit more calming and not so festive, Pinnacle Promotions also has a large number of calendars such as our promotional garden walk calendar and more!


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