Product Pick of the Week: Silipint

Pinnacle’s team of Product Experts has been navigating the tradeshow floor at the annual PPAI Expo in Las Vegas this week, and they are ecstatic about sharing the newest, most unique promotional products to hit the market with you in upcoming blog posts.

In fact, despite the fact that these Merchandising Gurus are still at the event, they simply couldn’t wait another week to introduce you to one of the hottest items showcased at the Expo… This week’s Product Pick of the Week is the Silipint, brought to you by way of Silipint’s tradeshow booth!

Drinkware is a product category where end users have extremely lofty expectations- the “perfect” cup or tumbler should be BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, well-insulated, unbreakable, 100% food grade, etc. Well, one of the latest product innovations we’ve come across happens to be all of the above and more (with a guarantee, to boot)!

According to the Silipint’s website, this product is indestructible. Run over it with your car, kick it, step on it- the Silipint will prevail! If you have any doubts about these claims, just visit the company’s YouTube channel and watch the product in action. You can find several demo videos, along with suggested “Sili-Uses” for Silipints, at

The Silipint is currently available upon request; and if you are looking for the perfect cup, mug, or tumbler to enhance your next marketing campaign, don’t forget to peruse Pinnacle’s entire selection of customizable drinkware items.

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