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It seems like just yesterday when I was writing about the 2012 Oscar nominees. But it’s been almost a year and the 2013 nominees were announced yesterday.


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Linclon leads the pack with 12 nominations, followed by Life of Pi with 11. Both Les Miserables and Silver Linings Playbook are tied for third with eight each.

Since the only movie that I’ve seen out of the four is Les Mis, I wanted to blog about that.  Really, I guess I’m talking about the Broadway musical, not the movie. (The musical was way better, in my opinion.) When you think of Les Mis, I bet you picture the logo. You know the one – the drawing of the girl, whom I’m guessing is young Cosette, in front of the flag. You know, this one:

Les Miserables Logo
[image source: wikipedia]
You’ve probably seen it and can identify it as Les Mis because it’s been on promotional products of all kinds for the past 30 or so years. From apparel to keychains to tote bags, the Les Miserables logo is everywhere.

According to the Les Miserables website, it’s the world’s longest running musical and perhaps their use of promotional products to get the word out about it is part of that.  Okay, it’s probably because the music is great too!

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