Promotional Gift Trends of 2012

If you’ve visited our website recently, you’ll see we are featuring our Top Gift Trends for 2012 category. Besides being a great month to reflect on how thankful we are, November is also a wonderful time to give a look over all the great items and trends of this year. I’ve picked a few of my favorite trends to highlight in today’s blog

This year has been the year of the stylus. From the mini-stylus to the multi-function pen and stylus duo, your stylus needs have been met with a ton of options. My personal favorite from the category has to be the Oro Ballpoint Pen Stylus.

Another trend has been electronic chargers. The Zoom Energy Square stands out in this category for it’s ability to work cross platform (iPhone, Android, or other compatible smart phones). This futuristic looking little square will give your phone some extra life when it needs it most.

Healthy eating and bringing your lunch to work was a big trend this year and we had no shortage of new lunch boxes. Whether you are looking for something collapsible or something a little more bento box like, you’ll find it at Pinnacle. If I had to chose, I’d have to go with the Gourmet Trio. The fun colors really make it pop out.

These items are just a small representation of all the great items we have in the Top Gift Trend Category. Make sure you take a look and see if your favorite items made the cut!

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