Promotional Pet Products for New Pet Owners

Last weekend, we welcomed the newest addition to Pinnacle’s marketing family: a cute little puginese named Sophie. Kim and her husband adopted the little puppy from the PAWS Atlanta shelter after seeing a picture of her in an e-blast and deciding that they just had to have her (I can’t say I blame them!) Since Kim is our Merchandising Team Lead, Sophie is sure to become the proud new owner of some great promotional pet products. From pet travel bowls and reflector IDs to keep a puppy hydrated and safe to a Paw Keep-It Clip to help food stay fresh, there are so many products to from which to choose. Organizations in the pet care industry can use these products for a variety of promotional purposes. For example, pet stores and dog walkers can use giveaways to increase brand awareness in a community while organizations such as PAWS can use these promotional pet products to thank loyal volunteers and/or to encourage adoption.

Marketing Coordinator

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I loved the pet bed. It is appealing and lovely. I think its comfort level is also very high. Sophie is attractive and seems to be a little bit naughty. She must be enjoying with her new family on her new comfy bed.

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