Promotional Photo Albums: Not Just for Paparazzi

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Every family seems to have at least one member (voluntarily or possibly involuntarily!) who becomes the designated photographer at all family gatherings. In my family, my sister has become our so-called, “paparazzo,” capturing our memories on camera, no matter how embarrassing/hilarious/unflattering they may be. While we complain about the incessant “clicking” and “whirring” of her fancy camera, we all enjoy reminiscing about past events by displaying her amazing prints in promotional photo albums long after the real-life moments have passed.

Last week, Pinnacle’s wonderful Office Manager, Leighann, shared a post from one of her favorite photography blogs with me. The blog is called, “Clickin Moms,” and, according to its home page, it hosts a community of greater than 8,000 followers. Most of its members (about 65%) are professional photographers, while a smaller percentage are either “aspiring professionals” or “passionate hobbyists.”

In the post titled, “2011 Gift Guide: CMteam Favorite Things,” the staff of Clickin Moms share some of the products that simplified and/or brightened their lives this past year. From skincare items to tech accessories, these ladies demonstrate a wide variety of interests outside of photography, and their endorsements include creative gift ideas covering a breadth of topics and price points.

For the snap-happy photography buff in your family or circle of friends, Clickin Moms suggests a wide array of camera equipment, professional paper, and online subscription services. These custom gifts are ideal if you know what type of camera or subjects a photographer uses, but corporate marketing programs can appeal to photographers of all skill levels by distributing basic promotional photo albums and frames. Even if the recipient typically passes on the responsibility of taking photos to a friend or spouse, he or she will value gifts like these because of their meaningful contents. And what better way to build relationships with your target audience than by providing them with a way to capture and commemorate their personal relationships?


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