Promotional Products for National Dance Like a Chicken Day

I grew up in a town that, much to my young-cosmpolitan horror, proudly billed itself as the Chicken Capital of the World. There is, no lie, a statue that I have dubbed the Monument of the Forgotten Chicken. I can’t even start to make this stuff up. I quickly learned two things when I moved there: when exactly you needed to plug your nose in case you were driving by the chicken plants, and how to do a flawless chicken dance. So today is a day that I have long been prepped to face. It’s National Dance Like A Chicken Day!

We’ve all busted out an ill-advised chicken dance at a prom or wedding. The simple act of flapping your arms and forgoing all embarrassment unites us on a dance floor. Suddenly strangers are friends and you can’t help but laugh. It’s with these unique holidays that you can really plan for some fun promotional products.

I can’t help but smile every time I look at this Chicken Stress Reliever. Imagine breaking up a monotonous Tuesday by placing one of these on an employee’s desk and thanking them for a job well done. If you’d like to blare the chicken song through your company speakers, and start a chicken dance conga line, then I will request you send us the video! Aside from workplace fun, this holiday and it’s promotional products are great for the food industry! Give them away as the adult equivalent to a Happy Meal prize, and have a contest with some giveaways for whoever has the best judged chicken dance. Show your customers that your brand can be relaxed, your company can proudly sashay onto the metaphorical dance floor and really let loose with the rest of us.

Since National Dance Like a Chicken Day is already upon us, you’ll have to make plans to order your items early next year. But if you are still in the market for obscure celebrations, perhaps I could interest you in July’s International Joke Day, National Junk Food Day, or Book Lover’s Day in August? Truly the possibilites are endless.

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