Promotional Products for the Restaurateur… Or For Your Office Break Room!

Thank you, Swanson, for selling the first TV dinner this month (September 10th, to be exact) in 1953. It wasn’t technically the first ready-made meal on a tray, but Swanson was the manufacturer of TV dinners that most successfully captured the market for convenience foods.

My lack of culinary prowess leads me to rely on microwave meals more often than is probably healthy. In college, poor eating habits are justified (well, somewhat) by busy schedules and inadequate kitchen space, but I no longer have a good excuse for indulging in frozen entrees. Am I lazy? Maybe a little bit. But I like to think I am eating a dish that is far tastier than anything I would have been able to whip up otherwise. I occasionally opt for a more upscale “TV dinner” dining experience by transferring my food from an unappetizing container to an attractive plate or bowl. I noticed many of my coworkers partaking in this seemingly odd ritual in our company’s break room, and upon trying it myself, I truly did notice a difference in the way my food tasted and the satisfaction I felt after consuming it!

To create the illusion of a fine dining atmosphere in your office’s otherwise mundane break room or cafeteria, why not invest in slightly more substantial custom imprinted paper napkins than the solid colored ones found in a grocery store? The logo and message featured on the napkins can subtly remind your employees, customers, and/or guests of the professionalism with which your brand approaches even the most minuscule of details. Linen Like ® napkins are inexpensive, come in a wide array of sizes and thicknesses, and are sure to impress their end users.

Another promotional item that may surprise frequenters of your company’s dining area is a pepper mill. No restaurant dining experience would be complete without fresh ground pepper to season a gourmet meal, so why not spoil lunch room diners with the same courtesy? Microwave dinners can benefit from flavor enhancing seasonings, just like restaurant or home-cooked meals!

Lastly, to remedy one of the worst problems associated with lunch or snack breaks, what office dining area would be complete without promotional mints? Most restaurants leave a container filled with logo imprinted mints at the host stand, and in that same fashion, Pinnacle Promotions, keeps a stash of custom imprinted miniature boxes of mints handy at all times to eliminate the risk of bad breath. Everyone should be able to enjoy their meal without worrying about the leftover scent of their food staying on their breath throughout the duration of the workday. By keeping a bowl filled with promotional mints or gum in or near the cafeteria, workers and guests can take the breath freshening items with them on the go, effectively keeping your brand in the forefront of their minds whenever they crave minty fresh breath!

Whether your employees and clients are food connoisseurs or convenience food aficionados like myself, allow them the opportunity to savor their meals in the workplace by offering them Food & Drink promotional products from Pinnacle Promotions.


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